Sixteen Maine Towns Have Now Adopted Food Sovereignty Ordinance

On July 1, the town of Bingham, ME passed the Local Food and Community Self-Governance Ordinance (LFCSGO) by a vote of 59-8, making it the sixteenth Maine town to adopt the ordinance.

Under this sovereignty ordinance, local farmers and producers can sell their products direct to consumers without state inspection or licensing. The Maine legislature came close to passing LFCSGO statewide with Bill 925, “An Act To Promote Small Diversified Farms and Small Food Producers” – but it was voted down by a joint appropriations committee after the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry claimed the bill would cost $40,000 in licensing revenue over the next 2 years (Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund).

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2 thoughts on “Sixteen Maine Towns Have Now Adopted Food Sovereignty Ordinance

  1. GREAT !!!! It’s Great to hear news like this,, and maybe this might help to rid of GMO food supplies when people realize what is more important for their health. I hope more states will look into this,, rather than allowing the Govt to choose what WE EAT.

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