Evaluating the Risk of Raw Milk

Many raw milk advocates are clear in their belief that consumption of raw milk should be a personal choice – they don’t force others to drink raw milk but people shouldn’t force them to abstain from drinking raw milk either.

A thoughtful and well-written piece titled, “The Risk of Raw Milk,” discusses the risk of consuming unpasteurized dairy in systematic terms, including these first two:

  1. Risk Belongs to the Risk Taker: Assuming that there is a risk to drinking raw milk, the author asks, “Who are you to tell me that it is an unnecessary risk for me?  Should I tell you that eating the processed food in your cupboard is an unnecessary risk for you? Well, I am going to tell you that…but I am not going to make it law.”
  2. All Options Carry Risk in Some Form: Assuming that there is a risk to drinking raw milk, how are we to make the assumption that there is not also a risk to drinking industrialized, chemical-laden pasteurized milk? The FDA’s recall list also includes pasteurized dairy products and even apples. “In our modern food system, consider everything a risk,” the author writes.

Read additional arguments about the risk of raw milk here.

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2 thoughts on “Evaluating the Risk of Raw Milk

  1. There are vending machines selling raw milk in France. No one is sick or dead. Pasteurizing and homogenizing are industrial processes for corporate profit.

  2. Has anyone ever used this that you know of? A food Zapper?
    If people that are new to the experience of raw milk, and somewhat weirded out always wondering if they’ll get sick on it…. How about recommending a Zappicator?.
    Your milk will not be pasteurized, BUT i wonder if some of the beneficial bacteria will be gone.
    Sorry i shoulda done the test 1st, but maybe someone has already done it?
    i will try to clabber the milk AFTER zapping. That will be a good test.
    Normally , I can just leave it out overnight and i get the beginnings of cottage cheese [ nothing added ]
    But usually i do kefir and if zappicated milk won’t make kefier the same then i probably WON’t zap my milk. Anyone have experience with this?
    Blessings all.

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