Evaluating the Risk of Raw Milk

Many raw milk advocates are clear in their belief that consumption of raw milk should be a personal choice – they don’t force others to drink raw milk but people shouldn’t force them to abstain from drinking raw milk either.

A thoughtful and well-written piece titled, “The Risk of Raw Milk,” discusses the risk of consuming unpasteurized dairy in systematic terms, including these first two:

  1. Risk Belongs to the Risk Taker: Assuming that there is a risk to drinking raw milk, the author asks, “Who are you to tell me that it is an unnecessary risk for me?  Should I tell you that eating the processed food in your cupboard is an unnecessary risk for you? Well, I am going to tell you that…but I am not going to make it law.”
  2. All Options Carry Risk in Some Form: Assuming that there is a risk to drinking raw milk, how are we to make the assumption that there is not also a risk to drinking industrialized, chemical-laden pasteurized milk? The FDA’s recall list also includes pasteurized dairy products and even apples. “In our modern food system, consider everything a risk,” the author writes.

Read additional arguments about the risk of raw milk here.

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