Farmers Predict Food Safety Laws Will Put Small Farms Out of Business

The FDA is currently in the process of finalizing a new set of food safety laws, the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), which some farmers predict will have dire consequences on the local food community.

These farmers point out that “common sense and following the data of recent food safety scares lead us to a very strong conclusion: the further the food travels from the farm to consumer, the more opportunities it has to become a food safety problem.” This is why so many consumers are turning to their local farms for organically grown, unprocessed, chemical-free foods. Unfortunately, the FDA’s new food safety laws do not address or protect against the very same pesticides and GMOs that consumers are choosing to avoid.

Furthermore, the proposed food safety guidelines don’t take into account the good bacteria that humans need to build up strong immune systems and, consequently, lean in the interest of large corporations who want to sterilize everything in order to avoid the legal liability of being unable to deliver safe food to consumers. Such sterilization is necessary for large factories with unsanitary conditions, but place an unnecessary and costly burden on smaller farms that are able to stand behind the safety of their products. Even more alarming, if local farms are forced to sterilize and process their naturally grown foods, consumers won’t be left with anything natural to eat.

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