Raw Milk Sales Now Legal in Arkansas

As of August 16, 2013, raw cow milk can now legally be sold in Arkansas. The new law allows for the sale of raw cow milk directly from the farm (nowhere else, and not available for resale). Dairy farmers must post signs on their farms informing consumers that the milk has not been pasteurized or inspected by the state, and are limited to selling 500 gallons of raw cow milk and 500 gallons of raw goat milk each month.

The new legislation is a welcome step for raw milk advocates in a state that previously only permitted the sale of raw goat milk. State officials wasted no time in warning the public about potential health risks associated with unpasteurized dairy products, including the release of a four-page informational report detailing potential health risks, symptoms of food borne illnesses and legal liabilities of sellers. Despite the anti-raw milk propaganda pushed but state officials, the new allowances are a small victory for food rights and the dairy farmers who will benefit economically from serving the high demand for raw milk within their communities.




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