FDA bans French cheeses

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently moved to prohibit the sale of cheeses people have happily made and consumed for millennia.  The agency claims these cheeses full of healthful bacteria are too risky. They issued a ban on imports of French cheeses that exceed “FDA approved” bacteria counts.

The artisan cheese making process involves inoculating milk with select bacteria and encouraging their proliferation to make a safe and delicious product. The FDA’s move means that even such probiotic bacteria now falls under suspicion.

The rule is not new; it has been in place since 2010 but it is only now being enforced leading to the confiscation and removal of highly coveted fine French cheeses.

David Gumpert gives an excellent update and analysis on the situation on his blog.

The Campaign for Real Milk is a project of the Weston A. Price Foundation, a nutrition education non-profit based in Washington, D.C. To learn more about raw milk and other nutrient dense foods, attend one of the upcoming Wise Traditions conferences.

7 thoughts on “FDA bans French cheeses

  1. I have heard of no massive deaths in France as a result of eating morbid reasons chees, my favorite. The FDA needs to be more realistic and less beaureaucratic. Is the ban really some retaliation for the US banning some Frenach agricultural product?

  2. I was born and raised on a little tobacco farm in Madison County North Carolina,in 1943,we raised every thing we ate milked our cow every day strained the milk through an old diaper, made our own churned our own butter,killed 2 two hogs every year made our own sausage ,fertlized our crops with stable manure and cover crop,such a wonderful life,all gmo’s should be banned and the goverment keep it’s nose out of people’s business who are trying to eat healthy, thank’s Max Robinson.

  3. Sounds like the hand of BIG DAIRY & BIG FOOD has issued a decree to the FDA to me!!!!!! I guess they want every $$$$$ in THEIR greedy pockets, even when the reason has NO standing!!!!! I have been drinking RAW MILK for many years and have had less problem with RAW MILK than the problems I have had with the US Standard of Processed Foods!!!!!!

  4. Well maybe the rest of the world better start banning all the USA made GMO plants. How can you allow laws when the products of GMO companies contaminate the farmers fields next door and expect them to then pay them.

    Truly Crazy

    Ban Glyphosate which Mons across America have found in breast milk in very high levels and the EU has found not to be bio-degradable. Thats the tip of the iceberg




    Maybe the world should be suing the USA for hundreds of billions or trillions for all the cures its suppressed and its collusion with Pharma

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWLrfNJICeM tip of the iceberg.



    You let your govt screw you over and pay 17.7 of gdp for health and the rest of the west pay 9-11% and live 3-5 years longer.

    The USA via Harry J Anslinger the head of the Narcotics bureau helped keep Cannabis and non-THC off the map and help significantly contribute to the denial of food source to the world in the super food non-THC hemp.l How many of the 150+ million of people who have starved since the 1961 UN convention that stopped hemp trade in 145 countries could have lived. I reckon most of them.

    Anslinger knew he was wrong that’s why he pulped as much of the 1944 La Guardia report as possible. Denied the AMA talking to the government when the 1937 Marijuana tax act was passed.

    After the la guradia report his agency stopped hemp research for 3-4 decades, imagine the millions of unnecessary death.

    He was put there by vested interests.


    It was the USA that pushed this lie through the UN, maybe they should make reparations.

    Hemp on less than 6% of farmland can make all vehicle fuel in the world, the leftovers can feed people and stock , make paper, cloth, car bodies that wont dent, super housing materials.

    I think you vote will be wasted voting for any major party in November. Vote for someone who is for

    Legal hemp as meant in those states, 10% drop in males suicides, 10% drop in road deaths.

    Vote in independents for free hemp farming and free seed collection, the same people will have values for organic farming , raw milk, and lots of other earth friendly idea’s.

    Stop being conned, listen to Ron Paul and stop the FED. Its not owned by the USA public.

    The practice of big money today is not capitalism even Ayn Rand would say so. Why because she said no one should live at your expense and you should not live at the expense of others.

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