Is the FDA Falling Behind Other Countries in Raw Milk Run?

In July 2014, the United Kingdom’s Food Standards Agency released a report on raw milk that took into account the opinions of over 100 raw milk consumers. Their findings concluded that both consumers and producers “…hold a strong view…that there should be wider accessibility to raw drinking milk but this should still be managed and controlled.”

In exploring how they could take a more lenient approach to raw milk consumption in the United Kingdom, the FSA said it was open to allowing the sales of raw milk through vending machines – which would increase sales within a controlled environment.

David Gumpert, author of The Complete Patient blog, points out that this new report, in addition to New Zealand’s recent consideration of more lenient raw milk regulations, means that the FDA could quickly be becoming internationally isolated on the issue of raw milk.

The Campaign for Real Milk is a project of the Weston A. Price Foundation, a nutrition education non-profit based in Washington, D.C. To learn more about raw milk and other nutrient dense foods, attend one of the upcoming Wise Traditions conferences.

One thought on “Is the FDA Falling Behind Other Countries in Raw Milk Run?

  1. I think what I still find most annoying is that any government or government agency believes THEY have the right, and at their sole discretion to decide for other mature, responsible adults what may and may NOT be consumed, purchased for individual use etc.

    I already KNOW what I want, what I like and what I am willing to buy to stock my cabinets, pantry and fridge . . . and it is NOT *their* business to tell me what I may and may NOT do. MY health is MY top priority, NOT theirs (as evidenced by the growing use of chemicals, additives and GMO products!). MY grocery dollar will be spent where *I* choose and I should NOT need their “permission” to buy raw milk.

    People consumed raw milk for centuries with no ill effects save the RARE instance of the sick cow or the stupid person taking zero precaution regarding contamination. There are more people, even today, who get sick from eating lettuce than those who drink raw milk. More people get sick yearly from OTHER food poison than from consuming raw milk or raw milk products – – so do NOT tell me it is for OUR safety – – that is just crap! It is for CONTROL and big commercial dairy money that I have MY choice eliminated. I do NOT need someone else making decisions for “my own good”.

    I NOW have a miniature jersey cow, and it is also NOT their business which of my neighbors (none at this time, but just sayin’!!) I choose to share with or with whom I choose to trade with. If they are growing tomatoes and squash but don’t have a cow the FDA is INTENT on making ME a CRIMINAL if I should ever want to swap/barter/trade with a neighbor.

    While I am so very grateful to our champions of our inherent human right to choose for ourselves what we want to eat and drink, and will support their efforts to the utmost of my ability, it STILL hacks me off that oppressive, dictatorial jerks in the government, the FDA, et al think they have ANY right to make any decision FOR me and then enforce it by making me a criminal IF I disagree with their stupid arse rule!

    This is SUPPOSED to be a *free* country, but it is becoming almost impossible to name even ONE thing an individual may do *freely* that does not in one regard or another REQUIRE a license, permission, a permit or is restricted by a regulation, a rule, a code, a restriction, a covenant, a civil order, or a legal reference in order for the individual to “do”.

    One can’t fish on your own property without a license from the state to fish; can’t hunt on your own property without a license/permit AND only during specific, regulated times & dates; can’t drive without a license; can’t be considered “married” without a license; can’t have a child without registering it with the government (they now issue SSN’s to newborns by law); can’t smoke a cigarette except when and where it is allowed by code, regulation or law (and no, I am not a smoker, never have been, but that doesn’t mean it is still not an infringement on an individuals rights). Some states still make it illegal to drink raw milk at all?!!???! Seriously?? So what? The next step is to make the family cow an ILLEGAL SUPPLIER of an ILLICIT and DANGEROUS substance??? Somewhere, sometime SOON SOMEONE needs to regain some measure of common sense!!

    For an over-controlling, arrogant, oppressive government (agency) to tell me that I cannot even enjoy the fruits of MY labor or the production from MY property any way I choose is not only wrong, it is criminal!!

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