Maine Activists Optimistic for Food Rights in 2015

Despite difficulty passing measures by the Maine State Legislature to legalize raw milk and the highly publicized loss of farmer Dan Brown’s case in the Maine State Supreme Court, Mainers remain optimistic about several small food freedom bills which are being fought for in 2015.

At least three bills would legalize the sale of raw milk in some form; one bill would create a “farms-to-farmers markets” certification program; one ambitious bill would create a constitutional amendment declaring that Mainers have a “right to food.”

Representative Craig Hickman, the author of the latter, is himself a farmer and staunch proponent of food sovereignty as well as co-chairman of the Maine State Legislature’s Agriculture Committee.

“When asked Friday whether such an amendment would mean individuals have a right to buy, prepare and eat whatever food they want — whether it comes from a licensed, inspected farm or not — Hickman said he believed such an interpretation would be correct” (see Local Activists Say They’re Optimistic – Bangor Daily News).

The growing number of food-related bills moving through the legislature indicates that many Mainers see food freedom as a pressing issue and will continue to fight for it, despite the opposition they may face. is a consumer education project of the Weston A. Price Foundation, a nutrition education nonprofit based in Washington, D.C. Visit their website,

3 thoughts on “Maine Activists Optimistic for Food Rights in 2015

  1. Why on earth should we have to fight for the right to drink raw milk any way. This should not even be an issue in the first place. I has this right when I was young and I intend to keep it. They can spray us with toxin, gmo our food and poison us with pharmaceuticals and we don’t give them the right to do that to us smh.

  2. Raw milk sales are already legal. Many licensed, inspected farms already distribute raw milk which I support. What farmer brown wants is to be able to distibute raw milk without license, inspection or even labeling. I do not support.

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