Michael Schmidt Faces New Charges

Canadian Hero, Michael Schmidt, Sees Mounting Court Costs; Community Shows Solidarity in Peaceful Non-Compliance

Michael Schmidt is one of the most well-known and well-respected names in the real food movement. Schmidt has faced years of legal harassment for his peaceful production of raw milk and for feeding his community.

Three years ago on December 6, Schmidt was charged in connection to the Shropshire sheep case. The legal battle is ongoing and Michael faces up to 10 years in prison for his involvement in the protection of healthy sheep (the Canadian Food Inspection Agency threatened to kill them). The legal battle is ongoing and financially devastating. Please donate to the legal fees to help keep Michael out of prison.

As though the charges against him for helping to temporarily save the sheep were not enough, a multi-agency task force recently raided Glencolton farm leading to additional charges against Michael and four other farm owners.

Schmidt also faces charges for removing surveillance cameras that the Ministry of Natural Resources placed just outside his driveway to spy on anyone going to or from the farm. Schmidt states “I am convinced that these charges about the cameras are some sort of revenge…They don’t like the fact that I continue to peacefully feed my community. They are using the judicial system to prolong their harassment of a peaceful farmer.”

Led by Michael Schmidt, many Canadians recently gathered at Queens Park in Toronto to sign a “Declaration of Food Rights” which states that they are willing to suffer the legal consequences rather than stop procuring raw milk from the producers of their choice.

It seems that, fundamentally, Michael Schmidt is standing for the choice of people to procure the foods of their choice from the producer of their choice while the government continues to use harassment as a means of stifling these connections.

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2 thoughts on “Michael Schmidt Faces New Charges

  1. I am a student of Liberty without bloodshed. Our ignorance is our demise like a strong man drowning not knowing to stand. No government or attorney will defend easy pickings (your liberty) if you are ignorant of basic Common Law. Governments’ will not teach you the rules by which they lawfully control you but God has placed in us the knowing of His Natural Law that government cannot change and must abide by. Our silence is our consent based on this “Common Law”. The Law does recognize God given natural rights, governments are instituted among men to defend natural rights, government IS men given authority to defend natural rights. If a man acts without intent to defend, that cannot meet the definition of government so he must be acting in his own capacity. He steps outside of impunity. If while acting in his own capacity, he causes injury to another then he is personally liable to remedy. Were government impersonators personally sued or to receive legal notification of injury and intent against personal assets, agents would fear the people. Attorneys have chosen their ruler but if you personally have knowledge to hold the court in God’s Common Law and out of the complicated confusion of man law, you have found the only road to Liberty. The fruits of your labor and substance are a gift from God and the desire of evil men. A master will own the substance of the lazy mind and Liberty is lost with ignorance. To train our brains we should listen to old Krisanne Hall podcasts on the history of the Declaration of Independence and youtube Karl Lentz

  2. I wish all state agencies would worry about things that really pose a health concern like GMO’s ,but there’s just too much money involved for them to protect the public from them

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