Nevada Governor Vetoes Raw Milk Bill

On June 6, 2013, Governor Brian Sandoval vetoed a bill that would have legalized the sale of raw milk throughout the state of Nevada. Just prior to his decision, the National Milk Producers Federation and the International Dairy Foods Association petitioned the governor to veto the bill, citing health concerns.

“The Food and Drug Administration, the American Medical Association and our own health officer agree that the Assembly Bill 209 presents significant public health risks,” Sandoval stated in his veto message.

Raw milk activist, Brett Ottolenghi, says, “It passed 40/0 in the general assembly and 17/4 in the senate.  Then Sandoval vetoed it after the end of the session so we can’t override his veto for another 2 years.”

The veto comes as a blow to raw milk advocates across the country and raw milk drinkers in Nevada, who testified that “…they are made to feel like criminals because they must acquire raw milk surreptitiously in Nevada or go to California.” (Review Journal). Many other raw milk advocates spoke about the health benefits and nutritional properties of raw milk. Unfortunately, their testimonies were not enough to sway the governor.

One thought on “Nevada Governor Vetoes Raw Milk Bill

  1. I was raised on raw milk from the time I was taken off my mother’s breast milk. I am 75 years old now. So, raw milk can’t be all that dangerous. Can it? There were 7 boys in my family, no girls, and we all drank raw milk. My dad had 3 Jersey Cows, and he milked them in the mornings, and evenings, so we had plenty of milk for my brothers and me. So don’t pay attention to the large dairy companies when the say, “Raw milk is dangerous to drink”. It is not dangerous as long as the cows are kept under sanitary conditions and fed the right foods. So, have a nice tall cold glass of raw milk. You’ll like it, and it’s good for you.

    Chester Ice
    Beaver Falls, PA

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