Will Raw Goat’s Milk Be Legalized in Southern Nevada?

Clark County, which is located in Southern Nevada and includes the city of Las Vegas, is establishing a dairy commission to regulate the quality of raw milk products and hopefully legalize the sales of raw goat’s milk in the area.

The commission would be responsible for, “…setting the rules governing the production, distribution and sale of raw dairy products. This could include everything from setting standards on bacterial counts in milk products to overseeing investigators who test and analyze raw milk products before they’re approved for sale” (Does Las Vegas Need Milk Commission – Las Vegas Sun). The commission would be made up of a doctor, veterinarian and member of the public.

Some criticize the decision to only include goat’s milk, saying it avoids the controversy stemming from the type of raw milk that is more in-demand: raw cow’s milk. Others point out that the legalizing goat’s milk would be a promising step towards the ultimate legalization of cow’s milk.

This is not the first time that raw milk has made political headlines in Nevada. In May 2013, the Nevada Senate approved a bill to legalize the sale of raw milk in Las Vegas and across the state. This bill was ultimately vetoed by Governor Sandoval (see Nevada Senate says Yes to Raw Milk in Las Vegas).

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Nevada Governor Vetoes Raw Milk Bill

On June 6, 2013, Governor Brian Sandoval vetoed a bill that would have legalized the sale of raw milk throughout the state of Nevada. Just prior to his decision, the National Milk Producers Federation and the International Dairy Foods Association petitioned the governor to veto the bill, citing health concerns. Continue reading

Nevada Senate Says Yes to Raw Milk in Las Vegas

On May 28, the Nevada Senate approved a bill that will legalize the sale of raw milk in Las Vegas and across the state. The bill passed the Assembly on a unanimous vote on April 22, and was given a “do pass” by the Nevada Senate Committee on Health and Human Services on May 16. The bill is currently in enrollment.

Nevada’s current state law allows certified raw milk to be sold anywhere in the state, but raw milk produced under the authority of a county milk commission can only be sold in that county. Nye County, located just northwest of the Las Vegas metro area, established a county milk commission last year to regulate Amargosa Creamery as it began to produce raw milk. This bill would allow Amargosa Creamery to cross county lines and sell raw milk and raw milk products in the Las Vegas metro area.

The bill would also prohibit out of state raw milk producers from selling their products in Nevada – a move that would also benefit Amargosa Creamery by removing California dairy producers from the Las Vegas market and cutting back on their competition.

Most Nevada lawmakers are supportive of the bill. Although some have voiced concern about the health risks posed by raw milk, they believe it is better to move forward with a regulatory structure. The new Nevada bill requires labeling, dairy testing and liability.

Realmilk.com is a project of nutrition education non-profit, The Weston A. Price Foundation.