New Test Shows Whether Milk Really Came From Fresh-Grazing Cows

A new test, developed by Dutch food testing company Qlip, can show if milk is the product of cows that grazed on fresh grass or other feeds like corn silage.

As milk composition and quality is directly impacted by a cow’s diet, and consumers are becoming increasingly conscious about buying organic, free range, and other responsibly sourced dairy and food products, this test will be important in holding dairy producers accountable for where they say their milk comes from.

Currently, Qlip’s laboratory produces these analyses for dairy companies who are purchasing milk from farmers. In the future, Qlip hopes to utilize such tests for other indicators, like animal health, animal welfare and sustainability.

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3 thoughts on “New Test Shows Whether Milk Really Came From Fresh-Grazing Cows

  1. It would be just as easy to tell if the cows are on corn feed or grassfed by seeing where the cows are . If you see them outside, then you know they are grazing or if they are in a barn in stalls, then you know they are not getting grass fed, but rather corn. I know here in PA you can tell where the cows are at.

    • If you don’t happen to know or live near where your milk comes from, as most people don’t, you can tell by the color and the separation. Having had a cow, for my own personal use, green fed cow milk is yellow and separated. (good for butter but not fun to drink- I prefer my goat milk for drinking-if they are on their vitamins it’s good). Likewise goat milk is yellowish compared to standard store milk which is white, white, white. 80% of dairies not only don’t feed pasture, they don’t even feed green hay, they feed silage, which has had the beta carotene fermented out of it. Weston Price showed pasture fed milk , especially mineral rich pasture fed milk as being yellower, even bright yellow.

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