Op-Ed: The Absurdity of the Raw Milk Wars

In an op-ed piece published by the Ready Nutrition blog, Marcus Flores makes a strong, logical argument for why one’s decisions about one’s health should be one’s own.

“When my father visits, he enjoys slurping down raw oysters by the dozen. I assume he knows this habit is not without a minor chance of food poisoning. While I prefer my food cooked, I do wash it down with a few beers. That is also not without its health risks,” he begins.

Flores points out that alcohol plays a role in over 10,000 deaths per year due to drunk driving, yet no state legislature is banning alcohol based on the statistics alone. Flores writes that the types of foods, substances and activities that the US government chooses to ban makes for “an extremely bizarre moral line.”

He believes that Congressman Massie’s proposed bills offers an opportunity to correct this, and that politicians and members of the public should support the bills regardless of whether they’re Republican or Democrat. Why? Because Republicans “agree that the government should play little to no role in what we ingest” and Democrats who believe in the guardianship of the State cannot possibly take seriously a government that criminalizes cheese.

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3 thoughts on “Op-Ed: The Absurdity of the Raw Milk Wars

  1. I’m a dairy farmer, but don’t drink my milk raw, however, I won’t stand in the way of anyone who wishes to consume it unpasteurized. What really gets me is, there are those who say they want the freedom to eat foods of their own choice, yet continue to vote for the control freaks who like to tell everyone how to raise/feed their own children, what schools to send them to, whether or not we should have salt, caffeine, cholesterol, trans fat, coconut oil, sugar, and the list goes on. Take a real long, hard look at the people who propose this. It’s not rocket science!

  2. The laws passed on raw milk restrictions in Louisiana are bought and paid for by socialists. Has nothing to do with health. These crooked politicians in Louisiana are communist. The best politicians money can buy. They have to go.
    David Vidder is the last politician we need for governor. It will only get worse.
    Louisiana don’t need any more pliticans.

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