Raw Milk Cheese is Heating Up

What the International Cheese Market is Telling us About Demand for Artisanal Raw Milk Cheese

With the ever-increasing popularity of raw milk, raw milk cheese is also gaining notoriety. The FDA’s current policies are not friendly to imported or domestically made raw milk cheeses. So a growing population turns to a black market for these artisanal cheeses.

Apparently, this issue is larger than a US cheese crisis.

According to the January 7, 2016 article in Vogue, “Earlier last year, a criminal cheese gang made international headlines when the Russian police busted it for hauling $30 million of contraband cheddar. With Vladimir Putin’s ban on Western food products, Russians have been getting creative about procuring their beloved banned cheeses. Sound nutty? The U.S. also has a list of banned cheeses—primarily because of health concerns—resulting in a black market where cheese delicacies can be had if you know where to look and are willing to pay up.”

The fact that a publication such as Vogue is picking up on the raw milk cheese black market is evidence that the government’s prohibition on the coveted cheeses is weakening. It is encouraging to see the attitude shifting enough that people are taking control of their own food choices.

With many resources available for people to connect directly with their farmer, people are empowered to use networking to secure the foods of their choice from the producers of their choice.

Now that raw milk has gained in popularity and supply, but is still heavily regulated, many people turn to cheese making classes to learn how to make the delicacies of raw milk cheese for themselves. Farms, buying clubs, herdshares and homesteads are making it easier to find raw milk. Cow, goat, sheep and Italian water buffalo milk each make a special raw milk cheese.

Linda and Larry Faillace, expert farmers and artisan cheese makers, teach classes on a wide range of cheeses. The popularity of their classes proves that despite tough regulations, raw milk cheese is a growing trend. Their classes offer the best antidote to the bans so that those who want to can experience the delight of the traditional, celebrated cheeses.

Do you need a source for fresh, raw milk for your own cheese-making? We have just the resource for you!

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One thought on “Raw Milk Cheese is Heating Up

  1. I’m a doctor from Brazil and I have followed this impressive battle between the cooked milk and raw milk. I spent 18 years without drinking milk or any dairy because I found that some health problems (rheumatic pain and mucus in the airway) were due to his. But 2 years ago I realized that these problems were due to the fact that milk is cooked, ie when ingesting raw milk as well as cheese or any other dairy made from raw milk, so there wasn’t the problem before.
    Today I am convinced that to human health there is no other way to use the milk than in its raw form. So I am confident that one day everyone will see that there is no other way to use dairy than in its raw form.
    I always ask and will continue asking the good God to enlight those who are His to understand this great truth. Others … will continue to complain despite any explanation.

    Thank you,

    Álvaro Braz

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