Linda Morken, is a Weston A. Price Foundation volunteer chapter leader in Victoria, British Columbia. She recently penned an article about raw milk for the Rural Observer, a magazine in her province with a mission to build community and foster the exchange of ideas.

Linda raised her 4 children on farm fresh, unprocessed milk on a farm in Alberta. The family later relocated to the city of Victoria and strayed from their whole foods diet. For 10 years, Linda prepared vegetarian meals and replaced the meat with soy. As serious health issues arose throughout the family, Linda realized their modernized diet may be at the root of their degenerating health.

In her search for solutions, Linda found the Weston A. Price dietary guidelines and attended a GAPS diet class. Going back to the WAPF recommended farm foods that were the standard fare of her pioneer grandparents, has meant that Linda and her family members have seen constant and profound improvements in their health. She is grateful that WAPF provides sound and scientifically backed evidence that underscores the wisdom of our ancestors and of Dr. Price. The reason why Linda serves as a WAPF chapter leader and wrote her recent article in Rural Observer is because she passionately believes that today’s epidemic levels of degenerative disease and the needless suffering they bring can be relieved once the diet is sorted out, most especially in children. And having access to traditional, farm fresh, unprocessed whole milk is a big part of that.

Read her article here:

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  1. id be interested in knowing how one would address lactose sensitivity, my family loves to drink milk but we all have jssues. unless ww drink lactose free, its just not the same xdrinking nut milk and we perfer cow over goat. what can we do. on said:

    What to do if you are lactose sensitive. love the taste of cow milk, but unless its lactose free its hard on the tummy. not the same when you drink not milk or goat.

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