Should British Columbia Model Raw Milk Regulations on California?

Mark McAffee, a California raw milk entrepreneur and the CEO of the Raw Milk Institute, toured British Columbia last month for speaking engagements and on-farm training sessions in raw milk safety. During his trip, McAffee implied that British Columbia could cut the expensive legal disputes stemming from the distribution of raw milk by taking a cue from California and adjusting its raw milk regulations.

“In California, raw milk is 100% legal, but it is highly regulated with a different set of standards from pasteurized milk,” explains McAffee. In British Columbia, the government could declassify raw milk as a health hazard by grouping it in with other foods that carry no more risk but are less regulated, like oysters.

Listen to McAffee’s full interview with the Green Man Podcast: BC Takes a Lesson in Raw Milk Production From California.

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Overheard in a British Columbia Cheese Shop

Rumor has it that legislation to legalize raw milk is in the works in British Columbia. Though nothing is official yet, this tip comes to us from a customer of a high-end specialty cheese shop who heard from a reliable source with connections to the health department. We’re keeping our fingers crossed!

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