Raw Milk Sales Still Illegal in Montana

For a short moment, raw milk advocates in Montana thought they might have a chance at legally obtaining it from local producers. Sadly, this optimism was short lived, as the Montana State Senate rejected a bill that would have allowed owners of small herds of cows, goats or sheep to sell unpasteurized milk and milk products directly to consumers.

The Senate had a lengthy and heated debate about whether the heart of this issue came down to personal freedom or protecting public health. Eventually, the Senate deadlocked in a tie vote 25-25 and then voted to indefinitely postpone the bill. A later vote to revive the measure failed 23-25. Read more about the Montana raw milk debate here.

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2 thoughts on “Raw Milk Sales Still Illegal in Montana

  1. Pasteurized milk is basically cooked milk. It has a bitter after taste is kind of gross.

    Whole milk not only tastes better, good and fresh, but it satisfies HUNGER in a way that pasteurized doesn’t. It’s as if whole milk is real food and pasteurized isn’t.

    The “safety” issue is totally exaggerated, especially as we have complete & efficient refrigeration at home and all the distribution steps on the way there, unlike when pasteurization started.

  2. I wanted to give my testimony, not that it would have probably mattered. But there was about a four to five month period where I could not swallow and keep down solid food. I lived on raw milk for that entire period.

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