Raw milk in Switzerland, France, and Northern Italy

Great information from a devoted raw milk fan in Geneva!

Here is some additional information about how (and where) raw milk can be found and bought in France (as well as in Italy), thanks to some specific automatic distributors which can be accessed 24/7, offering the possibility to buy some ultra-fresh raw milk of the day (already chilled):

In France also, in some specific health food stores (“Satoriz”, among others), you can buy (two days per week) a wonderful organic fresh raw milk from grass-fed pastured Jersey cows produced (and compiled) by the following label:

Lait cru bio: lait cru entier de jersiaise non homogénéisé (absolutely delicious): http://www.bernardgaborit.fr/produits/au-lait-de-vache/58-cremerie-de-vaches/155-lait-cru-entier

See also: Le meilleur des produits laitiers – Entretien : Bernard Gaborit

Bernard Gaborit – Le goût des produits laitiers

The same farmer makes also a gorgeous raw (golden) butter:
Beurre cru doux bio, issu de crème crue de vache jersiaise

By the way, the plain yogurt that this farmer makes is one of the best I have ever eaten:
Yaourt nature bio au lait entier familial : le meilleur yaourt bio rapport qualité/prix

Unfortunately, Bernard Gaborit does not make any “raw cream” (only pasteurized), but another “raw cream” can be bought via “La ferme du Crêt-Joli”, via the same aforesaid “Satoriz” shop:

La crème crue épaisse: http://blog.lecretjoli.fr/preview/la-creme-crue-epaisse/
They also have raw (organic) milk: http://blog.lecretjoli.fr/preview/nos-produits/
As well as raw organic butter: http://blog.lecretjoli.fr/preview/le-beurre/

Please note that this specific butter (from “La ferme du Crêt-Joli”) can only be bought through their own farm (it is not available in the healthfood shops)

Satoriz (health food shop) in Ferney-Voltaire (close to the border of Geneva) via bus F (to be taken at the ONU stop which is primarily reachable via tram 15):

Satoriz (health food shop) in Gaillard (close to the border of Geneva-Moillesulaz, but this shop remains more complex to be reached if you do not have a car, though a specific bus in France, i.e. number 6, can also lead you there among the dense car traffic (should the case arise, you would then need to get out at the closest stop named “Chatelaine”): http://www.satoriz.fr/satoriz/magasin-satoriz-annemasse/

Here is the shop in Geneva where you can buy some biodynamic (Demeter) raw milk:
They receive the milk on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Here is the same shop in Nyon and Lausanne, but please kindly note that I have not checked (yet) whether they do have raw milk or not in their assortment:

The “bio c’ Bon” biodynamic milk comes from this producer: http://www.sennerei-bachtel.ch/sennerei-bachtel.html

Bio Raw Milk of cows with horns, 3.8% fat, 1l  https://www.farmy.ch/en/popup/bio-horn-rohmilch-pet-flasche-brueederhof  (To visualize the content of the page, enter any zip code, then click on “Shop freshest produce” which is subsequently displayed)

In the region of Lausanne and surroundings (only direct sale or to be purchased when regional markets occur):

André Muller-Pelletier
Producer of raw milk from the Montbéliarde breed of cows

The “bio c’ Bon” biodynamic milk can also be purchased online in Switzerland via those two webshops:
1. https://www.farmy.ch/fr-CH/lait-cru-demeter-1l
2. https://www.leshopbio.ch/lait-cru-demeter

The healthfood shop in Zurich main train station also sells the same aforesaid biodynamic (Demeter) raw  milk: http://www.eglibio.ch/content/filialen/zuerich/zuerich_plaza/index_ger.html

By the way, here is the weblink which leads to the detailed article devoted to raw camel milk: https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lait_de_chamelle#Vertus_th%C3%A9rapeutiques

The aforesaid raw camel milk can be ordered online for quite an affordable price via this shop located in Holland: https://www.oasismilk.com/en/

On top of it, they even ship for free (via express courier) to Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany as long as you can order for a minimum amount of €70. Nevertheless, please note that shipping to France is not free but it still remains quite reasonable. For instance, a shipping price of €23,00 is requested for 42 bottles of €4,20 / piece (= about 18.5 quarts on the whole) sent via courier called “DPD guarantee”. The bottles are shipped inside of a polystyrene box and the content is protected with carbonic dry ice. Unfortunately, they currently do not ship to Switzerland (yet) but, under arrangement, you can ask them to ship the parcel to France (near the Swiss border) and subsequently get it via one of the possible DPD “Hold for Pickup”:

On the other hand, Swiss people who live near the German border can have their camel milk shipped for free via DHL. For instance. those who live in Basel can have their parcel shipped (for free) to the “Basel Lörrach DHL hold for pickup” (located in the “German part” of Basel).