Texas Farmer Found Guilty of Distributing Raw Milk

Eldon Hooley, a dairy farmer in Fort Worth, Texas, has been found guilty of operating a food establishment that was selling food from an unapproved source – charges that stemmed from a May 2014 raid of Hooley’s truck that was delivering raw milk to customers off the farm. In Texas, sales of raw milk are only legal on the farm itself.

Furthermore, at the time of the raid, Hooley’s license to sell raw milk had been suspended because his milk had tested positive for the bacteria Yersinia, which is required for testing in the state of Texas and penalties for testing positive usually result in the loss of two weeks’ worth of sales.

According to the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, the Fort Worth city code classifies vehicles as “food establishments” and “…the city claimed that the containers were from an unapproved source since Hooley’s license was under suspension at the time of the raid.”

As a result of his guilty verdict, Hooley has been ordered to pay $1,500 in fines and an additional $67 in court costs. Hooley has not yet decided whether to appeal.

Read more details about Hooley’s trial, verdict, and responses from the public via the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund.

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3 thoughts on “Texas Farmer Found Guilty of Distributing Raw Milk

  1. Look up the term iatrogenic deaths.

    In the USA they are 225,000 – 783,00 from medical negligence, depending on the

    AND THEY WORRY ABOUT RAW MILK, THEY ARE BLIND , COLLUDED, CORRUPT AND YOU NEED TO WAKE AND VOTE OUT YOUR TWO MAJOR PARTIES WHO ARE “BOUGHT”. New party and candidates registration deadlines start fro 2016 in march with sates like Texas and Illinois. Nothing is going to change in these agencies till you have massive shift in government. if some part of our effort is not going towards this macro change then will a lot of effort be wasted.




    Plus these corrupt people get to write the death certificates.

    A couple drops per litre of food grade hydrogen peroxide would help raw milk stay fresh so much longer.

    if you want to sell it you need to make sure all the farmers have the right refrigeration, as you are in the target zone of the authorities and need to keep to standards higher than the traditional supplier. so the industry does not get done over. You need a code and the farmers have to stick to it.

  2. The only criminal act is the Fort Worth code that classifies vehicles as “food establishments” and the rank stupidity of the jurors that don’t know they can judge the law as well as the facts.

  3. If wasn’t for the bacteria issue ,this man is just trying to make a living. The Federal government should make it legal to sell and deliver if the license isn’t under suspension. Massachusetts might just do that,yay Massachusetts!

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