Breakthrough in Microbiology Testing Will Reduce Spoilage and Save Money for Global Dairy Industry

Oculer Technology, an Irish dairy tech company, has revealed a ground-breaking detection system that can identify thermoduric bacteria in as little as 24 hours, down from the global standard of 72 hours. Thermoduric bacteria is naturally occurring and can survive the pasteurization process, resulting in early spoilage and reduced protein concentrations.

According to Farming Life, this development could “…save the dairy industry in Ireland up to €200 million annually through reduced farmer penalties, superior product shelf-life and enhanced protein concentration.” Not only can early detection reduce early spoilage of products to increase their shelf-life, but it can also eliminate the bacteria entirely in other milk-related products like milk powder to be used in baby formula.

Oculer is already working with dairy industries in other countries, including New Zealand, to implement this testing technology and has the potential to reach dairy markets across the globe.

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