West Virginia Parents Come Together to Show Support for Raw Milk

The West Virginia House of Delegates is considering two bills that would allow the sale of raw milk through herd sharing or otherwise. On February 12, the day that the House Agriculture Committee was scheduled to discuss the bills, a group of farmers and consumers came together as concerned parents to show their support for legalized access to raw milk.

One mother from Cabell County started researching raw milk after some members of her family began struggling with health problems, and was dismayed to realize that in West Virginia the only way she would be able to provide her family with it would be to invest thousands of dollars on a goat herd of her own to milk herself. To show her support for pro-raw milk legislation, she joined together with other parents including Maria and Mike Moles, a husband and wife duo who own a local dairy farm and feed raw milk to their family but are unable to provide others with the same healthy food.

“What [Maria and Mike] can’t consume within their family, they have to feed to animals on the farm, or discard.

‘I passionately believe in providing people with good healthy food and I believe raw milk is a God-given healthy food,’ [Maria] said.”

The debate surrounding raw milk touches on many controversial issues, including consumer freedom. These parents in West Virginia are just a few of the many coming forward to voice their right to provide their families with nutritious foods without government interference.

The Campaign for Real Milk is a project of the nutrition education non-profit, The Weston A. Price Foundation. Donate to help fund research into the benefits of nutrient dense foods.  http://www.westonaprice.org/lab

5 thoughts on “West Virginia Parents Come Together to Show Support for Raw Milk

  1. Why does she have to invest thousands of $ ? Can she not buy a couple of animals sufficient to her own family needs?

    • From what I’ve observed, a good milk goat is going to cost at least $100 and probably closer to $500 and maybe she doesn’t really want to milk her own goat but would rather buy the milk. If she would decide to milk her own and wants a steady supply of milk, she would need at least 2 goats, probably 3, so she would be investing at least one thousand. Unless you have a thousand laying around, that is an investment to be considered.

      • Oh, well ok – but that still isn’t thousand(s), She doesn’t say how big her family is and our experience would say for 4 she’d get by with 2, maybe three and your prices for good milking goats is much higher than ours. If she doesn’t want to milk them herself then the question is moot. Apparently, it’s milk them yourselves or do without there..

        • As it appears to be here – I can get canned goat milk, or dried goat milk but have yet to find a source for fresh milk. At one time I could get raw cow milk but that source went away, now I’m finding nothing.

  2. I certainly hope West Virginia passes these bills and that the wisdom spreads quickly across the rest of the states.

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