Will Dubai Camel Milk Soon Be Available in the US?

In the United States, camel milk is hard to find. When you can find camel milk, it is expensive: pasteurized camel milk retails for $16 per pint.

DairyReporter.com estimates that in the US there are 18,000 cows for every camel. It is strictly illegal to import or sell camel milk in the US, as the FDA has not yet created quality standards for it.

Despite this, one large camel farm in Dubai, Camelicious, has its sights set on entering the US market with its pasteurized camel’s milk. Realmilk.com blog has previously reported on raw camel milk testimonies which give evidence of the therapeutic value of raw camel’s milk.

“Camel milk has always been known in the Middle East, but the accessibility for the wider public has been limited… Our goal is to promote the benefits of camel milk as a natural and pure resource of the region, and as a healthy alternative to cow’s milk.” says Mutasher Al Badry, the manager of business development at Al Nassma, a sister company of Camelicious that distributes fine chocolates made with camel’s milk.

Camel’s milk has 3x more Vitamin C and 10x more iron than cow’s milk; it is low in lactose and studies show that it can treat maladies like diabetes and Crohn’s disease.

Camelicious hopes, that when the time comes, it will be able to woo over American consumers with camel milk’s healthy properties in fun flavors like chocolate, strawberry, saffron, date, and original.

The Campaign for Real Milk is a project of the Weston A. Price Foundation, a nutrition education non-profit based in Washington, D.C. Fan the Campaign for Real Milk on Facebook.

29 thoughts on “Will Dubai Camel Milk Soon Be Available in the US?

  1. Camel milk is amazing. A couple years ago I was very sick with diarrhea for six month. I went to the doctor and the ER several times to get my fluids replaced from dehydration and I became malnourished and lost 40-50 pounds. I was seriously wasting away and not one doctor ordered a test to see what the problem was. They just kept prescribing antibiotics which I refused to take. By coincidence I bought camel milk for another problem and after drinking a pint a day for two weeks the diarrhea was completely gone. The only thing I did different was drink fresh raw camel milk so I’m certain it’s what cured me. It taste pretty good too.

  2. Lower price high standard camel milk is for sale without gmo, bpa free bottles and low price shipping in the usa. Check out usacamelmilk for best prices.

  3. Camel milk can be sold in the US. There are about 50 Whole Foods stores that carry it in the freezer section. I get raw camel milk from a dairy near my home here in Colorado. It follows the same regulations as raw cow milk – you have to buy shares in the herd and pay a boarding fee. It used to be illegal. I think it was in 2009 that the laws changed.

  4. You can get raw camel milk in the USA from desert farms. It’s an online store that delivers. Raw camel milk, raw colostrum, raw kefir

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