Tim Wightman

Tim WightmanTim is a founder and board member of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund and president of its education and charitable arm, the Farm-to-Consumer Foundation. He is the author of the Raw Milk Production Handbook, a handy resource guide for farmers interested in producing quality raw milk who wish to implement testing and safety standards, used in thousands of small dairies worldwide.

Tim is best known for pioneering one of the earliest herd sharing programs in the U.S. to help his customers legally obtain raw dairy products. He has actively worked with state legislators to write more sustainable, farm-friendly laws. He is an instructor in Cow Share College & Goat Share University where he now trains and consults with small farmers on quality food production, food safety, herd management and direct marketing to consumers. A lifelong farmer, Tim is on the forefront of our nation’s transition back to a local farm economy. Over the last two decades, Tim has launched several CSAs, organic cooperatives and farmers’ markets, and was the owner/operator of a major organic farm and store, bakery and restaurant that featured locally produced foods.

Tim has been profiled in the Wall Street Journal, and interviewed by numerous other media outlets nationwide. He has appeared in such national publications as Acres USA, Agri-View, Country Today, and Milkweed.

Tim lives in Western Ohio with his daughter, Anastasia, and works on national local food policy and sustainable agriculture issues.