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Important Message to All Raw Milk Producers and Consumers:
The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF) protects your right to provide and obtain raw milk. All raw milk producers should be members of the FTCLDF and we strongly encourage all raw milk consumers to help protect their access to raw milk by becoming consumer members as well. www.farmtoconsumer.org

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Australia / Micronesia


Important Notes

  1. RAW MILK CONSUMERS PLEASE NOTE: This list of raw milk sources probably represents only a portion of the raw milk producers in your country. For additional raw milk sources, contact your local Weston A. Price Foundation Chapter Leader. The Weston A. Price Foundation reserves the right at its sole discretion to exclude raw milk producers not considered qualified.
  2. PLEASE NOTE also that the Webmaster does not know of other sources and will only direct you to check with the closest local chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation.
  3. NO MARKETING: The email addresses listed here are not to be used for any purpose other than to contact the farmers regarding the availability of their products. Use of the listed email addresses for marketing or other such purposes is strictly prohibited.
  4. LISTING SOURCES: The listings here are provided by people who discover sources of real milk in their communities and tell us about them. If you discover a listed supplier is no longer providing real milk, please tell us about it by following the directions to Add, Update, or Remove a Listing. We trust our members and consumers to check out each farm to make sure it is clean and that the cows are mostly pasture fed.


South Africa


  • Centurion: Irene Dairy Farm, Nellmapius St, Centurion, 0062. Phone: (012) 667 4822, Email: barn@ireneestate.co.za, Web: www.irenefarm.co.za, Facebook: www. Irene dairy farm. Breed: Friesland cows. Raw milk and Raw Cream.
  • Dauth Boerderye, 211 Leonie Street. Doringkloof. Contact Stephan Dauth Phone: +27 12 663 2082 / +27 82 784 0362 or Email: sales@dauthboerderye.co.za. Visit their website for information www.dauthboerderye.co.za. Breed: Purebred Jerseys, Hormone free, Antibiotic free, Organic, GMO Free. Fresh Farm Milk, Yoghurt (Strawberry and Plain) and Drinking Yoghurt (Banana, Toffee, Strawberry, Mixed Berry)

North West: Weleda Farm, B18-20, 475 Bultfontein, Portion 114, Madibeng District. Contact Elizabeth Wertheim Aymes Phone: +27 14 576 1150 / +2783 226 7835 or email: Weleda@global.co.za or kris@naturally-yours.co.za: Breed: Purebred Jerseys. Hormone free, antibiotic free, organic, GMO-free. Grass fed. Fresh farm milk, yoghurt (lemon, strawberry and plain), cream, cheese.



British Columbia

    • Black Creek: Lost Savanna Farm, email: lostsavannafarm@gmail.com, web:www.lostsavannafarm.com, Facebook: www.facebook.com/lostsavannafarm,
      100 percent grass fed raw dairy. No GMOs, pastured on organic land. They have limited shares available in their herd of Guernsey cows. Please email or call Kris (202-2729) for more info or to arrange a visit.
    • Christina Lake: Wild Thing Organics, PO Box 346, Christina Lake, BC V0H 1E0, email: shares@wildthingorganics.com, web: wildthingorganics.com. Cow and goat share in southern BC, established in 2007. Serving BC, AB and now SK, MB, ON, and QC. Delivery service to Calgary beginning October, 2009. All cows and goats are 100% pastured and raised beyond organic standards. The herd is made up of purebred Jerseys and Jersey-Guernsey crosses. No grains, soy, GMOs, hormones, or antibiotics. The herdshares are at capacity on all routes except the bi-weekly coastal delivery, and no new members in other locations can be accepted at this time.
    • Grand Forks: Jerseyland Organics, Box 1468, 2690 Almond Gardens Road, Grand Forks, B.C. V0H 1H0, phone: 250-442-8112, fax: 250-442-8737, farm: 250-442-8683, email: jerseyland@telus.net, web: www.jerseylandorganics.ca. A wide variety of Certified Organic naturally-aged, raw milk cheeses.
    • Prince George and Quesnel: Hunny-Do Ranch, 4985 Carver Road, Prince George, BC V2N 5Z6, hunnydoranch@gmail.com, Facebook: Hunny-Do-Ranch Will also have available raw cheeses, eggs, natural beef and pork. Honey is also available. www.hunnydoranch.com. Accepting new cowshare holders for 2009.
    • Raw Milk British Columbia: web: www.facebook.com/groups/rawmilkbc. A Facebook group that helps B.C. consumers and raw milk farmers connect, work to legalize herdshares in B.C., and provide information and resources. Consumers can post their requests for milk and their general location and farms can then contact them via personal messaging. Group admins can post messages on behalf of farms, informing members that raw milk is available in a certain area. Consumers can reply and the farm can personal message them.
    • Salt Spring: Moonstruck Organic Cheese, 1306 Beddis Road, Salt Spring, BC CANADA V8K 2C9. Web: www.moonstruckcheese.com. Fine farmstead, certified organic cheeses. We milk a small herd of Jersey cows and make all the milk into fine cheeses. Hard cheeses are raw milk, soft and surface ripened are pasteurized.
    • Salt Spring Island: EcoReality Co-operative, (250) 653-2024, info@EcoReality.org , www.EcoReality.org (see in particular the Dairy Herd Share FAQ page on their website). Raw goat milk, cheese, and occasional ice cream is available to herd shareholders.
    • Sooke: Sacred Circle Farm, phone: 778-425-0507, email: sacred_circle_farm@hotmail.com, Facebook: Sacred-Circle-Farm. The owner is dedicated to preserving local food cultures and has over 37 years micro dairy and farm experience. Traditional farm practices are honoured to create ethical slow foods that heal as well as nourish the body and soul. The farm’s Saanen goat herd has never been vaccinated and their bloodline date back over 60 years. All dairy animals are milked by hand.  No farm products contain soy, GMO, growth/fertility hormones, antibiotics or vaccines. Raw goat milk, English Double Devon cream, table cream, hand crafted feta, chevres, quark, kefir from authentic ancient grains, and free range eggs are available. Fresh garden produce, free range turkey and chicken are also for sale occasionally.
    • Vancouver: Les Amis Du Fromage, 1752 W. 2nd Avenue, Vancouver, B.C. V6J 1H6, Ph: (604) 732-4218 or toll-free 1-877-676-1166, website: www.buycheese.com email: lesamis@buycheese.com . Large selection of fine European and Canadian cheeses, including many raw milk varieties. *Please note: This is a busy gourmet cheese store, not a health food store. While they do mark their raw cheeses, the staff generally does not know what type of cows the milk comes from nor what the cows eat. This store does not sell or have access to raw milk.
    • Vancouver: Gordon Watson, phone: 604-526-5064, email: watson.gordons@gmail.com, web: freewebs.com/bovinity. Cowshares available from a farm in Chilliwack to two depots in Vancouver. Postal address is 7954 Elwell Street Burnaby British Columbia Canada V5E 1M4.


    Nova Scotia

    • Kings County: Ran-Cher Acres, Randy&Cheryl Hiltz, R.R.#1 Aylesford, Kings Co. N.S., BOP 1Co Canada. 1-902-847-3895, www.rancheracres.com. Goat Milk Products, Raw Milk Feta, Raw Milk Cheddar, Raw Milk Gouda.


    • Conn: Ewenity Dairy Co-operative, RR#1, Conn, Ontario. N0G 1N0, 519 848 5694. A dairy sheep co-operative producing yogurt, cream cheese “Brebis frais,” sheep milk feta, a camembert we call “Ramembert,” and a gouda-style of cheese named “Eweda.” We are developing more cheeses at the moment, so more to come!
    • Hamilton (Dundas): Old 99 Farm, Ian Graham, 1580 Old Hwy 99 Dundas ON, (located 6km west of downtown Dundas), phone: 905-627-1917, email:  old99farm2015@gmail.com, web: www.sustainablelifestyles.ca. They keep a small herd of heritage cattle, the Lynch Lineback, on 20 acres. Pastured on organic land, fed organic hay and grain as needed. Offer raw milk cowshare ownership for whole milk, cream and butter. Milk is tested at Guelph Food and Agriculture Laboratory. Details on request.
    • Renfrew County: Ilgert’s Organic Acres, 984 Ruby Rd, R.R. #4, Killaloe, ON, Canada, K0J 2A0, phone: 613-625-2380, email: mike_ilgert@live.com. Raw milk cow share dairy. Now accepting cow share customers for spring 2016. Milk available in Ottawa and Toronto. Call or email for more information.
    • Scarberough: Joseph Ouimet, #53 Sancrest Drive,  phone: 416-439-4753, email:  josephgooddeeds@hotmail.com. Helps direct greater Toronto area locals to operating cow shares. Not a farm or herd share owner but does referrals. Does not give out cow share info online, strictly by phone only. Space in local cow shares is seasonal and limited. Email is best way to contact, as he is in Trinidad & Tobago at least two months a year, so is not always available by phone.
    • Toronto Central Downtown: Bruce County Dairy; Cow Share Canada accredited Dairy operation with cow shares available. Transport arrangements available to Toronto Central Downtown through a Buying Club contact torontorawmilk@gmail.com
    • US Sources: The Raw Milk Trail/Route du Lait Cru: Dominic Lamontagne in Quebec has created a web page (in French and English) and associated Facebook page that list raw milk farmers in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York that are within driving distance of many places in Canada, including Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, and points in between.


    • Becancour: Fromagerie L’Ancetre, 1615 boul de Port-Royal, Becancour, QC , G9H 1X7, (819) 233-9157. www.ctidirectory.com/search/company.cfm?company=60965
    • La Moutonniere Inc in Quebec, Canada. Visit their website at www.lamoutonniere.com. They supply 100% pure sheep milk (pasteurised) in 500ml and 1 litre containers. They also have a kiosk at the largest outdoor famers market in North America. It is called Jean Talon market in Montreal.
    • US Sources: The Raw Milk Trail/Route du Lait Cru: Dominic Lamontagne in Quebec has created a web page (in French and English) and associated Facebook page that list raw milk farmers in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York that are within driving distance of many places in Canada, including Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, and points in between.


    Chiriquí–La Acequia (district of Dolega): Finca La Cabri-t, Idanea Jimenez, Via Potrerillos, La Acequia (between Dolega and Potrerillos), Chiriqui. Cell phone: 507-6693-1010, email: fincalacabri-t@hotmail.com, web: fincalacabri-t.com/eng/index.html. Alpine and Toggenburg goats. Raised as organically as possible; goats are pastured, much of their food is grown onsite, and all is organic except a small amount of mineral supplement. No antibiotics or hormones are used; if an animal requires medication they use medicinal plants from the rainforest if they can, and they discard milk longer than advised so that no medication ever enters the milk. Goats and milk are tested regularly. Careful about sanitation; separate, dedicated room for milk processing. Goat’s milk (raw “cruda” or pasteurized) for $2.75/liter, cheese, plain or guanabana yogurt, and kefir.  Order in advance. Idanea knows a small amount of English but she has a relative who can translate e-mails for her. She is happy to let you see the goats and their facilities. Farm is next to a school; approximate GPS coordinates: 8.614852,-82.445310. Orders can also be picked up at the BCP in Boquete at the Tuesday morning gringo market.


    Pando (Canelones):  Establecimiento Bohemia, Fernando Aldama, Rincón de Pando, Ruta 8 Km 33,500 por Camino Rincón de Pando at 600 meters down the road (look for the little water tower that says Bohemia). phone: 099 33 17 09, email: cabramaker@gmail.com, web: http://www.leche-de-cabra.amawebs.com/  Farm established in 1995.  All Oberhasli goats, usually about 30 in milk. The goats are pastured with ample space, and they are all very healthy. Bucks are kept separate from milking does. They try to keep things as organic as possible, but they do give a small amount of mineral supplement during milking. They have a dedicated milking room, and milk by machine. Very careful about sanitation and rapidly cooling milk, etc. The cost is about $50 pesos Uruguayos per liter (approx. $2.50 USD) for milk, and milk comes packaged in plastic bags, which is standard for milk in Uruguay. They typically sell pasteurized goat milk, but Fernando is willing to sell raw goat milk (“leche cruda”) to people who specifically request it. Appointment required as there is no farm store. Delivery to Montevideo may be available. Fernando does not speak much English but he is patient and good at deciphering non-native Spanish.




    • Kuala Lumpur: Bright Cow raises Jerseys imported from Australia, feeding them fresh cut grass, and delivering raw milk to customers, as well as selling in some stores. See their website: bright-cow.com.

    Australia / Micronesia


    • Herdshare.com is a place where you can register your interest in creating a local real milk supply in your region. Sign up for the newsletter to register your interest and they will let you know the progress of herdshares all round Australia. If you’re a farmer who wants to manage a herd, a consumer of real milk who wants to establish a local supply and support your farmers or even if you’re looking for a part time job, sharing the milk with shareholders at your local farmer’s market, sign up and we’ll put you all together.

    New South Wales

    • ACT, Canberra, Souther Tablelands Area: Looking for Herdsharers in Canberra, ACT, and Southern Tablelands of New South Wales, Australia. Make your own cheese, yoghurt, kefir, butter, buttermilk and ice cream from premium milk. Contact: Julia McKay, 02 48 444457 or email: Jacqua@skymesh.com.au
    • ACT: Southern tablelands area-1897 Lumley road Goulburn NSW-Blackthorn sheep dairy. Raw sheep’s bath milk, facial yoghurt and body butter available seasonally. July-February pickup from farm gate or at selected markets, frozen and fresh milk available. Happy naturally grass-fed sheep supply a high quality product for a reasonable price. Cow’s milk may also be available in the future. Email divine_ewe@skymesh.com.
    • Beecroft Village: The Wellness Wench located at Shop 31, Beecroft Village 6 Hannah St, Beecroft NSW 2119. For more information contact Rachel Troia at Mob:0431 795 158, Ph: 02 9481 7517, Fax: 02 9481 7187, or Email: wellnesswench@gmail.com . They stock Cleopatra Bath Milk, which is raw, unprocessed milk from Guernsey grass/pasture fed cows. Per Australian law, raw milk can only be marketed for cosmetic use.
    • Bungonia: Jacqua, 4775 Oallen Ford Road, Bungonia, 2580. Contact Julia McKay, home phone 61248 444457, email: jacqua@skymesh.com.au. Dairy Cows (Jersey/Brown Swiss Cross, Friesian/Brown Swiss Cross and straight Jersey), grass fed. Natural diet. Herdsharing available for raw milk for Canberra and Southern Highlands of NSW. If sufficient interest, Sydney as well.
    • Dubbo: Ben’s Bath Milk, phone 02 6885 5997, email: ben@dubbo.org. Raw, unprocessed milk from grass-fed A2 Jersey cows, sold for cosmetic use only. Available for pickup. Call or email ben for more information.
    • LaKemba, NSW Sydney area: Sam Ramini, Captain Cook Convenience Shop, 3,208-212 Macquarie st., Liverpool NSW, 2170, Australia. Phone- 0404181234 – 0296006260. Available for home delivery $5 charge, Unpasturized / Unhomoginized Goats Milk 1 lite $8. Organic / HALAL Whole Chickens Grass fed $22 approx 1 .6 kilos. Organic Black Seed Oil 500 ml bottle $35 (with info book ) (for immune health). Grass Fed Eggs med $6 lg $7.
    • Nimbin: Paul Wilson, Nimbin Valley Dairy, 392 Tuntable Falls Road, Nimbin Australia 2480. M 0439 668 989, T 02 6689 1809, F 02 6689 1297. www.nimbinvalley.com.au. Raw goat milk.


    • Margate: Go Vita Margate Health & Organics, shop 8b, Margate Village, 270 Oxley Ave, Margate qld 4019 Phone (07)3283 8677 email gvmgate@tpg.com.au . Raw milk for bathing and raw frozen goat milk.
    • Miami, Gold Coast: At the Organic Gold Coast Farmers Market, gcorganicmarket.com, raw milk is now available. From Wallanvale Dairy, wallanvaledairy.com. Every Sunday morning from 6.000-11.30pm.

    South Australia

    • Adelaide: A store called Goodies and Grains sells raw goats milk.


    Western Australia

    New Zealand

    • Coromandel-Waikato, North Island: Right Choice Live Milk, Roskam family farm, email rclivemilk@gmail.com, website: www.livemilk.co.nz. They sell raw milk from a herd of Jerseys. Cows are mated to A2/A2 bulls, working toward a fully A2/A2 herd. Cows are pasture-fed, in the process of Organic Certification. Delivery to Auckland and surrounding areas, Cambridge, Thames, Tairua, Paeroa, Hamilton, Tauranga and surrounding areas.
    • Hawkes Bay, North Island: BioDynamic Raw milk available in New Zealand, from Hohepa Homes shop, Clive (near Napier), Hawkes Bay, North Island, New Zealand. They are allowed to sell up to 4 Litres per family, per shopping visit. Not always available due to demand. Check out link for contact details: www.hohepa.com/hawkes-bay-contact-hohepa-hawkes-bay.php
    • Hawkes Bay, North Island: Lindsay Farm, Paul and Christine Ashton, email: rawmilk@clear.net.nz. They sell raw milk from mainly A2 Jersey cows and deliver to Napier, Hastings, and Waipukurau. They pasture feed using organic principles, but are not certified.
    • Lower North Island: Wind River Organics sells Raw Milk. For more information contact mrchapman@farmside.co.nz .
    • Paparoa, North Island: Guernsey Gold Farm (Heaven and Earth Peace Garden), Peter & Vivi Holdem (+Aksel, Nikki and Natalie), 261 Central Road, Paparoa 0571, Northland. Phone: 0064 9431 6018, 0064 277 59 38 40. Email: guernsey.gold@orcon.net.nz. They have pedigree A2 Guernsey cows grazing year round on grass, red and white clover, fresh hay and silage, and molasses. They practice rotational grazing with break fencing. Currently customers fill their own containers from a refrigerated stainless steel pail. Looking at providing 2 litre bottles in the near future.
    • Manawatu: Supplier of raw organic milk in the Manawatu NZ, Gorge Fresh Organics. For more information contact Daniel and Jenny by phone 0275 RAW MILK (0275729645) or email rawmilk@gorgefresh.co.nz .
    • Manawatu: Raw Organic Milk available from Three Oaks Farm, 141 Aranui Road, Palmerston North, Manawatu, NZ. Located 5km to the West of Palmerston North selling raw milk from Jersey and Jersey Cross Cows. Contact David or Sarah, Ph 06 357 3554 or email smorgan@xtra.co.nz.
    • Coastal Manawatu: Maxwell’s Farm, 12km South of Bulls.1199 Tangimoana Road, (look for the sign posted), phone: 021 1027218 06 3248812. Fresh bottles sold daily on the deck 24/7. Honesty box system. Cross breed cows eating grass only. Fully self-contained. Send bulk milk to a factory as well. Free range organic eggs also available.
    • Northland, Mangawhai: Raw Milk Mangawhai, Sandra and Charlie Grayson, 66 Bagnal Road, Mangawhai 0274 680 251, email: sandy.g@xtra.co.nz. Raw organic milk in 2L bottles available year round from pastured cows. All organic seasonal produce.
    • Tauranga, Bay of Plenty: The Solar Barn, Will or Karen Robinson,186 Hereford Road, Oropi, Tauranga. Phone: 07 543 5353, email: thesolarbarn@gmail.com, website: www.thesolarbarn.com. Our A2 raw milk is obtained from our small herd of Jersey cows. We bottle our milk in glass only, using agee, perfit, preserving jars. (1 litre only) we are not certified organic, however our farm is operated with a no chemical mandate. We feed our cows pasture and any disease is treated with homeopathics. We plan to become organically certified in the near future.
    • Waikato, Cambridge: Alexander Organics, Jesiah and Ellen Alexander, 133 Flume Road RD4, Cambridge, 3496, phone: +6427256892, email: info@alexanderorganics.co.nz, web: www.alexanderorganics.co.nz, Facebook: alexanderorganics. Head to the Alexander Organics website for more information on purchasing Certified Organic raw cow milk, chook eggs, and more.
    • Wellington: Organic dairy farm sells herdshares in a pasture-fed Jersey herd (mostly A2). Contact Susan Galea at susangalea@hotmail.com or Cedric Backhouse dekmatt@ihug.co.nz , realmilk.co.nz.
    • Wellington: Raw Goat Milk from Saanan pasture fed goats. Contact Grahame either email cdecraft@ihug.co.nz or phone 021 673 132




    • A reader reports: raw milk in Bruges on market days from Baliehof: baliehof.be
      One can buy raw milk at their farm store.
    • “De Dobbelhoeve”, Agriculture Biologique, Goorstraat 43, B- 2970 Schilde, Tel: 0032 (Belgium) – (0)3 / 383 07 82
    • Family Ruypers, Walem 15, Walem
    • “Het Dischhof”, Walter en Magda Deberg – Rommelaere, Dodepaardenstraat 58 Keiem, Tel 0032 (Belgium) (0) 51 – 50 12 04, Fax 0032 (0) 51 51 15 61, email: dischhof@yucom.be
    • HET HINKELSPEL ) , F. Lousbergkaai 33, 9000 GENT (Belgium), Telephone: 0032 (0) 9/224.20.96
    • Peter Van Kerckhove – Vervaet Monique Eekstraat, 218 tel en fax: 09/348.88.78. Organic goat milk and cheese.
    • A reader alerts us: “Raw donkey milk is going great guns in France and Belgium. Marie Tack in Belgium sells donkey milk that meets European bacteriological standards. I visited two farms in France and drank milk directly from many burros (delicious!). I will go to Belgium next year to visit Marie myself who milks 50 head of mammoth jennets each day. Donkey milk is the closest milk to human breast milk and is ideal for feeding infants. It is in a state of rediscovery in France and Belgium and will be available here in the future.Visit www.asineriedupaysdescollines.be to see her operation. Donkeys don’t carry Bovine diseases.”


    • Ivanić Grad: Magare, Neven Ciganović, Stjepana Gregorka 56, Ivanić Grad, 10310. Phone: (091) 6000-940, Email: info@magare.hr, Web: www.magare.hr, Facebook: Magareće mlijeko. Herd of donkeys, donkeys are grazing year round on grass, red and white clover, fresh hay and mix of corn, oat and barley. They practice rotational grazing with break fencing winter hay. Raw donkey milk, price 600kn/l, frozen donkey milk 400kn/l. Tours are available on weekend from spring to autumn (small ZOO). Delivery of frozen donkey milk all over Croatia and fresh milk to Zagreb.
    • Samobor: OPG Pavković, vl. Marijan Pavković, Belčići, Brezovac žumberački 11 10450 Jastrebarsko, phone: 385 92 2748 679, email: kikica1p@gmail.com. Cows are grazing on hills from snow to snow. The milk is distributed to vending machine on Samobor marketplace, price 6kn/L (0,8EUR), in summer even 5kn/L.

    Eastern Europe

    • A visitor from Eastern Europe writes: In the East European countries, Romania, Hungary, the former states of Yugoslavia, you can find real (raw) milk all over the place there! It’s true, you can’t find the raw milk in stores, but you can ask people about farms (in-city farms!) that sell raw milk. My family buys only raw milk from some neighbors who feed their small cattle on the pastures near the city skirts. The milk is delivered almost instantly after it is milked (an hour or so). It is not even skimmed.


    • Pedersöre: Ingmar Nygård’s farm, Åvistvägen 12, Åvist, Pedersöre. 050-3627609. His native tongue is swedish but he speaks also finnish when needed. His cows feed during the summer in quiet pasture, far from noise and pollution. He feeds them without soy, giving them hay.


    • So Cheese, a French online cheese magazine. In French here. In English here.
    • Aquitaine region: A reader writes, “Raw milk is mostly non-existent, but we were able to find some at Leclerc stores near Bergerac.”
    • Brittany: Certified organic raw cow’s milk. Ferme de Kerheu, 29510 BRIEC DE LµODET, 02 98 57 92 67. Their milk is even distributed by two local supermarkets: Inter Marché in Briec and Leclerc in Quimper where it costs 0.94€/liter and 0.84€/liter respectively.
    • Issoire (Massif Central area): A traveling reader reports that there is a raw milk vending machine in this town. She cannot remember where. Perhaps some locals can provide details.
    • Lille: A reader tells us that at two Carrefour locations you can find raw milk (lait cru) selling for 76 euro cents per liter!
    • Lot Et Garonne: Raw milk (lait cru) vending machine (and bottles if you need them) inside a decorative small wooden chalet at the main entrance of Le Clerc Supermarket , Villeneuve Sur Lot, Lot Et Garonne,  France. The dispenser even moos as it delivers the milk! The milk comes from Familles Martinet & Laurante of Ferm Du Gaec De La Croix De Balen at 47140 Trentels, France.
    • Paris: UPDATE from a reader – locations in Paris where raw milk can be found: Les Nouveaux Robinson: a small chain of organic markets in and around Paris – www.nouveauxrobinson.fr. Naturalia: a large chain of organic markets – www.naturalia.fr. Retour a la Terre: Three or four stores in Paris center – www.leretouralaterre.fr. Each of these receive their shipments one or two times a week, depending on demand. They do not stock massive amounts because it has a short shelf selling limit, so they can sell out quickly. The prices range from 1.89 to 2.20 euros per liter. They stock depending on demand, but will order if you ask.
    • Tournus: There is a raw milk vending machine on the southern outskirts of the center of town across the street from “Simply Market.” If you take the main road out of town going towards Mâcon you will see a small sign for Simply Market on your left. The milk comes from La Ferme de Chantebaud.
    • A reader alerts us: “Raw donkey milk is going great guns in France and Belgium. Marie Tack in Belgium sells donkey milk that meets European bacteriological standards. I visited two farms in France and drank milk directly from many burros (delicious!). I will go to Belgium next year to visit Marie myself who milks 50 head of mammoth jennets each day. Donkey milk is the closest milk to human breast milk and is ideal for feeding infants. It is in a state of rediscovery in France and Belgium and will be available here in the future.Visit www.asineriedupaysdescollines.be to see her operation. Donkeys don’t carry Bovine diseases.”
    • Another reader says: lelaitdelaferme.com/ –This is the only raw milk vending machine I have come across, there are three in the Lyon region, but of course I continue to purchase raw milk freely from cremeries in the French Alps. There seems to be no restriction on sales from cheese-making factories here in Haute Savoie, I am not sure about other areas of France, but I assume where artisanal cheese is made, raw milk is available.
    • A devoted raw milk fan in Geneva put together this list of raw milk available in Switzerland, France, and Northern Italy.


    • Contact the following to find regional raw-milk selling farmers: Staatliche Lehr- und Forschungsanstalt fuer Landwirtschaft, Weinbau und Gartenbau, Breitenweg 71, 67435 Neustadt an der Weinstrasse, Telefon 06321-6711.
    • Theisseil (near Weiden): Farmer Matthias Lukas, Theisseil 8, 92637 Theisseil, phone 015112287220
    • Vilseck: Farmers Karl and Inge Trummer, Oberweißenbach 3, 92249 Vilseck, phone 09662-9725
    • Organic raw milk (and/or other organic products) are available from one of the numerous farms across Germany belonging to the Bioland “group.” Bioland is a reputable brand name that promotes organic agriculture. Call your local chapter for a list of Bioland farms in your area. Interested Germans can contact the headquarters: Bioland-Bundesverband, Bundesgeschäftsstelle, Nördliche Ringstraße 91, 73033 Göppingen, to receive a list of farms in their area. The list indicates which farms sell which products, including raw milk. One can also look it up in the internet at www.bioland.de.
    • This website tells you where to find producers of Vorzugsmilch: www.milch-und-mehr.de
    • Also see note, “Raw Cheeses?” under Netherlands, below, for a link to a page of raw or “almost raw” cheeses available in Holland and Germany.


    • Budapest: Fény utca market in Buda  Lövöház utca 12., II. district, at the back end of Mammut Shopping Mall, trams 4-6, M2 metro Moszkva tér stationOpen: Mon 6.30-17.00, Tue-Fri 06.00-18.00, 06.00-13.00
    • Budapest: Lehel ter market in Pest  Lehel tér, XIII. district, behind Nyugati Railway Station, M3 metro Lehel tér station. Open: Mon-Fri 06.00-18.00, Sat 06.00-14.00. The milk only keeps a couple of days.


    Raw Cow’s Milk for direct human consumption was banned in 1996, this was superseded by the EU 2006 Hygiene directive which allowed for the sale of raw milk direct to consumers from the farm or through local retail outlets. Currently, owing to this EU directive, the sale of raw milk in Ireland is legal, but the Irish Government is proposing to ban its sale; their time-frame was set to be before the end of 2011, however the legislation has not advanced further owing to the work of the Campaign for Raw Milk Ireland who still hope to be able to persuade the government to introduce regulations as opposed to an outright ban. The Campaign for Raw Milk in Ireland was formed in May 2011. More details on the campaign and the current situation can be found on www.rawmilkireland.com

    Weston A. Price Foundation Chapter Leader for North Wales, Ben Pratt, maintains a list of raw milk suppliers for the UK and Ireland:


    • Interactive map with all the raw milk distributors throughout the country: milkmaps.com
    • Slowfood Association promotes a petiton for the maintainance of the tradition (in Italy) of the production of raw milk cheeses: milkonline.com/fiera/settegiorni/slowfood111100.htm
    • A devoted raw milk fan in Geneva put together this list of raw milk available in Switzerland, France, and Northern Italy.
    • Abruzzo: Cooperativa Agrituristica, A.S.C.A P.Zza Roma 11/A 67030, Anversa Degli Abruzzi Tel. +39 086449492 Fax +39 086449595, on the web at www.asca.dimmidove.com/index.htm. Located in the Abruzzo National Park; they sell sheep’s milk cheeses and meat and have a wonderful adopt-a-sheep campaign, which aims to save traditional products and the shepherding profession.
    • Baronchelli: www.lattecrudobaronchelli.it/co.html
    • Fruili-Venezia Guilia: Pordenone, Katerina and Angelo Mazzon, Via Palù, 66, 33087 Pasiano di Pordenone PN (map), phone: 39 335 736 0440.
      Katerina and Angelo Mazzon run a small family farm with their son. The farm is on the same property as  their home. They have approximately 50-75 cows fed a mixture of alfalfa, grasses, soy, etc. Milking is done in the morning around 8-9am and evening about 5-6pm, so around then is the best time to purchase. There is no vending machine, they must pour the milk for you. No visitors 12-3pm daily, please. Bring your own containers, 0.80€ per liter. They are very friendly and open to showing the animals and allowing kids to watch the milking. The Mazzons speak little to no English – Google translate is sufficient.
    • Giulio Petronio Az. Zootecnica Gran Sasso, Via San Donato 56, 333 92 95 738. Located in Castel del Monte, a small town in the Abruzzo National Park. He sells a delicious variety of raw sheep’s milk cheeses, including Marcetto, a type of fermented cheese that you can spread on bread or crackers. He also produces delicious aged cheeses and an outstanding ricotta cheese (all raw) as well as meat.
    • Milan: Where to buy raw milk in Milan: briciole.typepad.com/blog/2008/10/cartolina-da-milano-latte-fresco-in-metropolitana.html
    • Montichiari (Brescia): Bevilatte Consorzio Produttori latte crudo Via Santellone, 37. Farmer’s organization from Lombardia (Italy). 00393357438760 (dott. Fausto Cavalli). info@bevilatte.it , Cell. 3357438760. www.bevilatte.it . latte crudo (realmilk)
    • Oristano (on Sardegna): www.latteriaselfservice.com
    • Rieti: Cooperativa Produttori Latte Amatrice, Amatrice – (Ri), Località Ponte Sommati, 0746 826471. Located in Rieti, in the Abruzzo National Park. They produce a variety of raw milk cheeses (both sheep and cow). Recommended by Slow Food.
    • Rome: Biolà, Via Aurelia 2449 – 00050 Fiumicino Roma, Giuseppe Brandizzi, +39 3358214275, info@biola.it , www.biola.it. Near Fiumicino International Airport. This organic farm milks about 50 Holsteins and 12 Jerseys, offering organic raw milk through automatic dispensers in one location near the farm: Cooperativa Allevatori Bestiame Testa di Lepre (www.testadilepre.it), is at 22 km Via Aureli (2,5 km away). They deliver raw milk, yogurt, cheese , ricotta, honey and meat in the near future, in 2 refrigerated vans. automatic dispensers. (biola.it/distributoremobile.aspx). Also partecipate to Organic Farm’s Markets in the area.
    • Sicily: Azienda Agricola Maria Ginevra Fanara C.da Carbonia – Aragona (agrigento) phone +393894304026. www.ciucismanor.com. Raw, organic (with no adds)milk from 40 donkeys. The donkeys belong to a specific Sicilian race (ragusana).


    • List of farms selling raw milk throughout the Netherlands: http://www.news4all.org/verkoop-melk. 
    • Additional site that lists raw milk sales sites and other information: voedingisgezondheid.nl/rauwe_melk.html
    • Gouda Cheese Shop: Family company selling freshly cut Gouda Cheese; will  ship world wide. They have also a large assortment of Dutch Farmhouse cheese. Visit their website at www.goudacheeseshop.com.
    • Gestam Dutch Cheese Export Shop Online. Dutch cheese specialist, exporting Edam, Gouda, Maasdammer and other cheeses from Holland. Site gives the history of cheese market in Edam. www.gestam.com.
    • Leuth: www.groenhouten.nl/. Raw milk and raw-milk cheeses.
    • Lunteren: Remeker raw milk cheeses made with milk from grass-fed jersey cows. remeker@remeker.nl
    • Sint Maarten: Pure Milk, Jeroen Bruin, www.puremilk.nl or facebook.com/puremilk.sintmaarten, Raw milk and raw kefir.
    • Raw Cheeses? Real Milk correspondent Rob Hundscheit has compiled a list of “raw” cheeses available in Holland and Germany. However, he warns, “99% of cheese here is pasteurized or sterilized–even ‘raw’ cheese is heated between a temperature between 43-70 degrees Celsius (102-150 degrees Fahrenheit). Maybe there is only one kind of cheese in Holland which is merely ‘almost raw’ and this is organic cheese with the name Loverendale–which is available in cow and goat. Below is a list of cheeses which are available in Holland and Germany, of which they state that these are raw, however the truth is often different. However it is allowed in Germany to import French cheese to Germany.” So, use this list as a starting point, but be sure to ask! Cheeses in Holland and Germany.


    • Freeze dried mare’s milk available at www.hoppemelk.no/maresmilk.htm
    • Holmestrand: Skaarbu Gård with farmer Gustav Koot has raw milk available in liter bottles. He makes gouda raw milk cheese pluss other dairy products. Cows are pasture fed, farm is biodynamic. Due to strict health regulations in Norway you can buy raw milk directly from the farm, but only “occasionally”!!! Langelivn. 12 3080 Holmestrand. Tel: 0047 – 92293266 Web: www.skaarbu.no


    A reader tells us there are milk dispensers called mlekomat in Poland. A list of cities and map can be found here: http://www.mlekomat.info/map,pl.html. She says that farmers also provide people with raw milk at farms.


    A reader from Husak, Slovakia reports: “I just wanted to let you know that raw milk is widely available in Slovakia through automated dispensers. At some dispensers bottles are also sold, but most people bring used plastic bottles (like mineral water comes in) and fill their own. The price ranges from 0.50-0.80€/liter. Apparently there was a subsidy from the government to dairy farms that allowed them to buy these dispensing machines (all of which are from various Italian companies). So, you’ll be getting local raw milk from them, though certainly not organic, unfortunately. Of course, if one is in the countryside, it is possible to find people, like me, with cows who’ll give you raw milk. The milk dispensers are called “mliekomats” and an map of many of them in Slovakia is here: www.polnoinfo.sk/zoznam-mliecnych-automatov-v-sr/ There are perhaps many more, as the nearest town to me has one and isn’t listed. “Surové mlieko” would be the term for “raw milk”, but it may also be called “čerstvé mlieko” — fresh milk, which in the context of mliekomats always means raw milk, but in supermarkets non-UHT milk I have seen called “fresh milk”. These mliekomats also exist the Czech Republic.


    • Catalonia–Calldentenes: A reader alerts us that Mas El Pujol farm has installed a raw milk vending machine. Our reader does not yet know what the farm’s cow management and feeding practices are, but says that while there are other “fresh” milk vending machines in North Catalonia, this is the first raw milk machine in the country that he is aware of. More information (in Catalan) is available here www.gastroteca.cat/. Another reader has offered information about the milk available here through these links:
    • Catalonia–Girona: eQuillet, Mas el Plan-Puigpardines, 17178 – Vall d’en Bas, Girona Spain. Contact Lidia: 610571331; email: info@equillet.com ; web: equillet.com. Raw mare’s milk from animals kept in small groups and fed natural products. They are not given drugs or medications and are milked according to their natural production levels.
    • Galicia: Leite Cru de produción ecolóxica O Alle, Cima do Alle, 2 – Filguiera – 36512 Lalín (Pontevedra) Galicia, Spain, Tel. 653 31 56 59 – Tel. 986 78 05 66; Web: www.leitecru.es/index.html; Email: info@leitecru.es . Certified Organic pastured (grass fed) milk from Heritage breed cows local to the area. Every batch is tested. Follows very rigorous standards of less than 300 count bacteria. Sold the same day it is bottled. Cost 1.30 Euros/litre. 1L Glass bottles. Sold from farm and at some local markets. Will courier it anywhere in Spain. The only raw dairy selling commercially in Spain. Fought for 8 years to do so.


    • La Branche, Ch de La Branche 4, 1073 Mollie-Margot, Switzerland, tel. 021 612 4350, ferme@labranche.ch . La Branche is a biodynamic farm. Raw cow’s milk, cheeses, and biodynamic fruits are available daily. Contact them ahead of time to schedule milk pickup and plan on bringing your own bottles. The cows are milked at 6am and 6pm.
    • A devoted raw milk fan in Geneva put together this list of raw milk available in Switzerland, France, and Northern Italy.
    • Uster: raw milk or roehmilch is available at Opfelbaum (appletree) Organic Healthfoods, Zentralstrasse 18, 8610 Uster, Switzerland, 011-41-1-941-4246 (this is calling from the US). You must special order the milk with is delivered on Mondays and Thursdays. At the present time, milk is 2.70 CHF (Swiss Francs and rappen) for 1/2 liter. This is $2.29 per 1/2 liter in USD.

    United Kingdom

    Find a list of raw milk suppliers in the UK at http://rawmilk.simkin.co.uk/. Visit them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/rawmilksuppliers/.

    London Chapter Resource List: Raw milk directory with listings of other foods, compiled by London Chapter Leader of the Weston A. Price Foundation, Philip Ridley, at www.meetup.com/westonaprice-london/about/

    Swindon: Dora’s Dairy, Jonathan and Sarah Cook, Quarry Farm, The Hyde, Purton Swindon Wiltshire SN5 4EA,  phone: 0044 7453 348560, email: dairymaid@dorasdairy.co.uk, web: www.dorasdairy.co.uk. Mixed variety of cow breeds. Jersey, Friesian, Holstein, Shorthorn. Predominantly grass fed. Small amount of concentrates in parlour. Hay and
    Grass silage. Grazing for approx. 8 months but if ground conditions allow up to 10 months. Selling raw milk. 1 ltr and 2 ltr bottles.

    Raw Milk Suppliers UK/Ireland: North Wales Chapter Leader of the Weston A. Price Foundation, Ben Pratt, maintains the following list:

    Nationwide Delivery/Online/Mail Order:

    Supermarkets: Most supermarkets sell raw milk cheeses.

    Scotland: Raw milk production and retail has been outlawed in Scotland since 1983 but can be purchased mail order from England and Wales. Please visit Raw Milk Scotland to join their campaign for real milk at: rawmilkscotland.webs.com.


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  4. PLEASE HELP ME….I need to locate pastuerized Donkey Milk. It is for my health. I will need 50 gallons to last me the length of my treatments. PLEASE HELP> I found a farm in Italy but lost email address and cannot locate website.

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  6. There are also milk dispensers called mlekomat inPoland like this list contains cities which provide milk dispensers•BYTOM, aleja Jana Nowaka-Jeziorańskiego 25
    •BYTOM, ul. Kolejowa 18
    •BYTOM, ul. Chorzowska 86
    •DĄBROWA GÓRNICZA ul. Jana III Sobieskiego 6
    •GDYNIA CHYLONIA , DT Chylonia
    •GLIWICE, ul. Łabędzka
    •KATOWICE, ul. Panewnicka 93
    •KATOWICE, Al. Roździeńskiego 200
    •KATOWICE, Chorzowska 107
    •KONIN, ul. Wieniawskiego 9
    •KRAKÓW, Rynek Falęcki1
    •KRAKÓW, Nowy Kleparz
    •LUBLIN, ul. Jana Sawy 3
    •MYSZKÓW, ul. Brzozowa 2
    •MYSZKÓW, ul. Puławskiego 6A
    •SOSNOWIEC, UL. Braci Mieroszewskich 2a
    •WEJHEROWO, ul. Brygady Pancernej 28
    •WŁOCŁAWEK, ul. Żytnia
    •WŁOCŁAWEK, ul. Wiejska
    •WROCŁAW, ul. Sielska 3a
    •WROCŁAW, ul. Słubicka 18
    •ZAWIERCIE, ul. Obrońców Poczty Gdańskiej 20
    •ŻUROMIN, ul. Wyzwolenia 29
    I found this on this site .

    As far as I am aware Poland and Polish farmers provide people with raw milk on farmes markets.

      • The automated dispensers (sing.:mlekomat; plur.:mlekomaty) are distributing fresh milk (non-UHT) but, this is not raw milk. This is “standard” pasteurized and homogenized milk.
        However, it is true that one can buy raw milk from traditional (small) farms. Note that Poland is a member of European Union and follows EU norms that largely have banned distribution of raw milk and raw milk products. Therefore, farmers selling raw milk do so against the law. This does not mean that raw milk from these sources is unsafe. The distribution is simply unregulated and unofficial.
        Remember that not that long ago, all milk in Poland was raw. Pasteurized milk has been introduced earlier in big cities where large scale diary transformation facilities existed. Grocery/Diary shops in small towns where the milk travelled from local farms to diary facilities daily, kept selling raw milk far into the late communist era. Refrigeration was not always available for milk. Fresh raw milk was sold daily and what was not sold the same day would become soured. This soured milk would be sold the next day or two, depending on season – summer months meant the milk would turn sour faster and would be good or acceptable for consumption for shorter time.
        All this was lost when modernity came to Poland and centralization of the distribution of milk (big diaries took over making small diary transformation facilities disappear) as well as pasteurization and refrigeration came during 1980’s. The pasteurized and homogenized became standard everywhere in Poland. However, this was still lost to even worse practices – the proliferation of milk UHT. The fresh milk, although still available, is by far less accessible that UHT milk. The farther from big city centres the more UHT becomes the only milk available.

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  9. We are planning a move to China in the next year. I am wondering about the safety of purchasing raw milk there.

    I have heard they use human waste as a fertilizer for their gardens and am concerned about the sanitary conditions outside the city.

    Any thoughts, ideas, helpful hints would be greatly appreciated.

    • You can check with the specific farms when buying. Unfortunately, this is a common practice in Asia. Also, boiling the milk will kill the germs – I think the real danger is to the cow that’s eating the grass fertilized with human waste.

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