An Abridged History of Mass Milk Production

Raw milk advocates know that stainless steel tanks and refrigerated trucks have reduced the need for pasteurization that originally came about due to dirty production methods and infected water supplies in the 1920s. However, many still argue that pasteurization is necessary to protect public health, even though pasteurized milk is less nutritious and harder to digest.

How did consumers feel about pasteurized milk when it first became available? Who were the influential politicians who argued for pasteurization? How did pasteurization give rise to the dairy giants that still exist today?

These questions and others are examined in a “Murky History of Mass Milk Production Pours Over to Today: Raw Milk Revolution?” on the Epoch Times.

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One thought on “An Abridged History of Mass Milk Production

  1. Pasteurization will be necessary until we stop factory farms and CAFO’s from housing cows in filthy inhumane conditions rampant with pathogens and disease. It is these two problems created by the factory farms and CAFO’s that cause mandatory pasteurization of milk to be necessary!!!!! These operations also feed these cows food that cows were never meant to eat just to increase milk production so they can put MILLIONS more $$$$ in their pockets!!!!!

    To end the mandatory pasteurization of milk, we MUST DEMANDd that cows not be raised in these cruel, inhumane and FILTHY conditions!!!

    Big business will spend BILLIONS of $$$$ to keep the status-quo and keep cows living in these cruel, inhumane and FILTHY conditions. This includes buying our elected representatives votes with HUGE campaign contributions, which amount to nothing more than bribes. This will continue as long as Citizens United is still in effect!!!!!!

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