Coca-Cola Introducing Super Processed “Milk” Product Dubbed “Coke Milk”

On his blog The Complete Patient, David Gumpert asks, “Can Super Processed Coke Milk Become the New Real Milk?” If the global rise of Coca-Cola is any indication, the scary answer to this question is perhaps yes.

According to Gumpert, Coca-Cola is seeking to balance out deteriorating sales in an increasingly health-conscious marketplace with a new product that capitalizes on trendy almond milk, soy milk, and low-fat “all natural” protein powders. Their new product is called Fairlife and it is a super processed milk product that has been processed beyond pasteurization and homogenization while adding more protein and removing sugars and fat. It will be sold for twice the price of typical processed milk, perhaps in an effort to target those who are willing to pay premium prices for what they believe is “health food.”

Fairlife is currently being tested in select markets in the Midwest and is expected to go nationwide in 2015. One store manager in Minnesota, where Fairlife has supposedly been tough to keep in stock, points out that buyers have no way of knowing that the product is made by Coca-Cola as there is no indication on the packaging.

Gumpert writes that the success of Fairlife remains to be seen: “Coke can throw a huge amount of ad dollars at the new stuff. Or maybe [it won’t be successful] when people discover not only how unnatural it is, but that it is produced by a company with a long history of producing products that keep people unhealthy.”

The Campaign for Real Milk is a project of the Weston A. Price Foundation, a nutrition education non-profit based in Washington, D.C. Fan the Campaign for Real Milk on Facebook. 

8 thoughts on “Coca-Cola Introducing Super Processed “Milk” Product Dubbed “Coke Milk”

  1. Thanks for reporting this. It is hard to find truth in Americas food industry. It’s a lot of smoke and mirrors. People are beginning to catch on. I believe there are more folks like us who want to know. Our health is falling apart nationwide. Real milk is on the rise.

  2. I heard what seemed to be an admiring short on this on NPR (gasp!) this week. They were talking about how some farmer had to buy a special filter for his milk (I think it was) and discovered he could make his milk into “super milk”. So Coke decided to help him out–or some such. Coke is really foxy and I HOPE they will crash and burn over this! Teresa

  3. What is really scary is that we have become such a dumbed down nation that there are millions who are gullible enough (stupid really) to believe tv ads, radio commercials, newspapers and magazine pretty color advertising and (I’m sure) fast flash pop-ups on their computers while browsing the internet that will all be telling them how healthy this toxic waste is for them.

    Several years ago there was a movie which depicted our nation as full of such stupid people to believe (as a nation) that some sport drink was good for everything from drinking to spraying on lawns and crops (instead of water) because it was advertised “It has electrolytes!) – – the movie was titled “Idiocracy” – – and I remember that I was so disgusted that I would not sit in my friends living room to continue watching it. She and her husband kept telling me it was “all in good fun, just a spoof! What harm can come of it??” and it haunts me still today as I watch the deterioration of an entire country’s ability to think.

    There is a reason products like this gain popularity and replace real food (like raw milk, farm fresh free range eggs, NON-CAFO meats, etc) and it is not a simple reason. It is a complicated, complex issue with no single solution. However, I will say this, that in my opinion, the closest thing to a “single solution” just might be to pull the plug on government sticking it’s nose into our right to decide for ourselves what we want to eat. Government has no “business” dictating any aspect of our food choices.

    “Land of the free and home of the brave”? LOL not in YEARS! and likely, (sadly) never again.

    • Why is my original comment (above) still “awaiting moderation”? I don’t think I said anything offensive or even politically incorrect??? I used no profanity and I believe there were no prepositions ending a sentence or dangling participles employed. Just curious.

  4. If they can not kill you with their liquid sugar they call “Coke” they will kill you with an over-priced and WAY over-processed nutrient dead version of what they call “milk.”
    When is the general public going to wake up to their deceptive ads that tell you things are good for you and nutritious, when anything but what they tell you is the real truth!!!

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