Is Mainstream Media Reaching a Tipping Point in the Dietary Debate?

Thirty years after TIME Magazine cover “Cholesterol…And Now the Bad News,” the magazine’s June 23, 2014 issue featured a cover titled “Eat Butter: Scientists labeled fat the enemy. Why they were wrong.

The article doesn’t focus solely on butter but rather encourages readers to rethink how saturated fats fit into their diets, saying scientists were wrong to label saturated fats as a dietary evil. The article acknowledges a growing body of research that places blame for the United States’ obesity and diabetes epidemic on processed foods, sugar and carbohydrates.

J. Stanton, author of The Gnoll Credo and paleo diet enthusiast, points out that “the contents of the article won’t be a surprise to anyone in…the WAPF [community] or anyone who has taken the time to evaluate the science and statistics on their own: thirty years of low-fat dogma has produced a nation fatter and sicker than ever, and the ‘science’ supporting the dogma wasn’t science at all.”

This story follows Mark Bittman’s highly discussed op-ed “Butter is Back” in The New York Times. Taken together, the two might be indicative that mainstream media is reaching a tipping point in the debate about dietary guidelines and whether Americans should turn away from processed, low-fat products back to wholesome, natural foods.

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6 thoughts on “Is Mainstream Media Reaching a Tipping Point in the Dietary Debate?

  1. @JJ: I am an ultra right wing conservative, and I am one of those raw milk drinking, food freedom people who does not want the government dictating to me what I can and cannot eat. I know that unprocessed, low carb/high fat food is better for us than the highly processed, high carb low fat food commonly found in supermarkets. I am glad Time magazine has brought up the saturated fat issue, and admitted that scientists, ie Ansel Keys, along with the government (McGovern committee) duped the American people. I hope the Time magazine article IS a sign that beliefs about diet are turning around, back to whole, unprocessed food, which includes saturated fat, butter, coconut oil, eggs and protein from animal sources. I also do not tell people what to eat, but I do try to educate people so they can make their own decisions. If people like me who do not speak up and show a different way, nothing will ever change. Change always starts at the grassroots level, starting by some unknown person like me just simply speaking out and exposing accepted dogmas and fallacies, etc.

  2. First, if ‘carbs’ caused obesity, then why do the Japanese have 1/10 the obesity rate that Americans have when they eat more carbs than we do?

    Second, we’ve been eating carbs for millennia with no obesity.

    Lastly, there is no such thing as ‘carbs’. Starches behave differently in the body than fructose which behaves differently than refined sucrose and glucose.

  3. This is what happens when people listen to liberals, and Time magazine is a liberal publication. Eggs, butter, coconut oil, meat, coffee, and so on, have ended up on the hit list. They can’t seem to make up their minds on good versus bad foods. I consider myself a conservative, I don’t drink my milk raw, I eat butter, cheese, meat, eggs, fatty foods, and don’t follow so-called “conventional” wisdom when it comes to diet. I don’t tell others what to eat, and don’t want anyone to dictate what I eat (Hello? Michelle O., you are NOT qualified to tell anybody anything when it comes to food. Where are YOUR credentials and degrees? Simply being FLOTUS does not grant you special permission to be food police). The people I know who also consider themselves conservative, feel the same way I do. What I find funny is, I notice that a lot of the raw milk drinking, “food freedom” people tend to identify with liberals (I check things out, and it’s not hard to figure out where someone stands ideologically, especially online)–the very same people who want to ban all kinds of things they don’t like (transfat anyone?). I don’t understand this. I even read in one of the articles on this site where the author had put “Republican” in where “Conservative” was in the op-ed. I’m talking about “ideology”, not party affiliation. For all of you uninformed people, they are not one in the same!

    • JJ why are you attacking people based on their political ideology. Diet is something we can all come together on. You seem to be attacking the first lady and all so-called liberals like no one but conservatives understand nutrition. This comment is out of place. I happen to enjoy the Weston A. Price articles and this kind of comment makes me want to go away and find some other place to be.

  4. I inadvertently lost 30 pounds since starting on raw whole milk 4 months ago. I am talking about cream-on-top and a gallon a week.

    During that time my cholesterol went down 13 points, to 110, the lowest it has been in years. Nobody is going to tell me cream makes people obese and causes high cholesterol.

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