Is Mainstream Media Reaching a Tipping Point in the Dietary Debate?

Thirty years after TIME Magazine cover “Cholesterol…And Now the Bad News,” the magazine’s June 23, 2014 issue featured a cover titled “Eat Butter: Scientists labeled fat the enemy. Why they were wrong.

The article doesn’t focus solely on butter but rather encourages readers to rethink how saturated fats fit into their diets, saying scientists were wrong to label saturated fats as a dietary evil. The article acknowledges a growing body of research that places blame for the United States’ obesity and diabetes epidemic on processed foods, sugar and carbohydrates.

J. Stanton, author of The Gnoll Credo and paleo diet enthusiast, points out that “the contents of the article won’t be a surprise to anyone in…the WAPF [community] or anyone who has taken the time to evaluate the science and statistics on their own: thirty years of low-fat dogma has produced a nation fatter and sicker than ever, and the ‘science’ supporting the dogma wasn’t science at all.”

This story follows Mark Bittman’s highly discussed op-ed “Butter is Back” in The New York Times. Taken together, the two might be indicative that mainstream media is reaching a tipping point in the debate about dietary guidelines and whether Americans should turn away from processed, low-fat products back to wholesome, natural foods.

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