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Important Message to All Raw Milk Producers and Consumers:
The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF) protects your right to provide and obtain raw milk. All raw milk producers should be members of the FTCLDF and we strongly encourage all raw milk consumers to help protect their access to raw milk by becoming consumer members as well. www.farmtoconsumer.org

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Important Notes about the Listings

  1. RAW MILK POLICY STATEMENT: The Weston A. Price Foundation’s goals include promoting a healthy diet for people everywhere, based on natural and traditional foods, and assisting individuals and families in accessing those foods through information, education, and helping to restore the direct relationship between food consumers and food producers. The Foundation believes, based on sound scientific evidence, that raw milk is an important component of a healthy diet. To assist its members and the public in obtaining raw milk, the Foundation publishes a list of farms that produce it, because this information is not otherwise readily and comprehensively available to consumers. Listing of a farm does not imply endorsement by the Foundation. Individuals who purchase raw milk and other natural foods for themselves and their families need to “know their farmer” because they bear the responsibility for ensuring that they are getting safe and healthy products.
  2. NO ADVERTISING: The Foundation accepts no money for the listings; the listings are not advertisements. All listings are at the sole discretion of the Weston A. Price Foundation.
  3. NO MARKETING: The email addresses listed here are not to be used for any purpose other than to contact the farmers regarding the availability of their products. Use of the listed email addresses for marketing or other such purposes is strictly prohibited.
  4. RAW MILK CONSUMERS PLEASE NOTE: This list of raw milk sources probably represents only a portion of the raw milk producers in your state. For additional raw milk sources, contact your local Weston A. Price Foundation Chapter Leader.
  5. RAW MILK PRODUCERS PLEASE NOTE: The FDA and State Agencies have discovered this list and sometimes use it for their own purposes, so exercise caution with your listing. If you choose not to have a listing, make sure your local WAPF Chapter Leader has your name for referrals.
  6. USDA, FDA and STATE AG AGENCIES PLEASE NOTE: Raw milk is Nature’s perfect food and is extremely important for the developing brains and nervous systems of infants and children. Furthermore, in many children not fortunate enough to have started life on raw milk, raw milk given later in childhood has improved autism, behavior problems, frequent infections, deafness, asthma and allergies and other serious health conditions. Please bear in mind that any move you make to stop or hinder a raw dairy operation will actually HARM, not help the infants and children who rely on that milk, and may make it difficult for all children to obtain this milk in the future–including your own children and grandchildren. An interruption in supply can be VERY detrimental to a growing infant or sick child who has no other options. Read for yourself on our Testimonials page. If you are concerned about safety, rest assured. In the farm-to-consumer distribution model, the farmer receives timely and relevant feedback directly from the customers, something that farmers selling bulk milk never receive. Raw milk is actually the safest food around with so much consumer oversight and also with an extremely efficient built-in anti-pathogen mechanism! If you are concerned about rules, then consider investing the same amount of time you’d spend persecuting a raw milk farmer into advocating for supportive raw milk legislation.
  7. LISTING SOURCES: The listings here are provided by people who discover sources of real milk in their communities and tell us about them. If you discover a listed supplier is no longer providing real milk, please tell us about it by following the instructions on the Add, Update, or Remove a Listing page. We trust our members and consumers to check out each farm to make sure it is clean and that the cows are mostly pasture fed.

Sources of real milk and real milk products in Texas:

Abernathy: Pereira Pastures Dairy, Albert Pereira, phone: 806-518-9081, email: amlkman@aol.com. web: www.pereirapasturesdairy.com, Facebook: PereiraPasturesDairy. State licensed and inspected Raw for Retail Dairy. They currently milk 30 Jerseys and graze them on 160 acres of preserved native grasses. Their cows consume a 100 percent forage diet. No soy or GMO grains are fed, no hormones are used. They are the first and only cow dairy in the state of Texas to be Animal Welfare Approved. They operate as an organic sustainable farm, preserving the native grasses and wild legumes of the south plains. They are located 20 miles North of Lubbock and are Lubbock County’s only licensed Raw for Retail Dairy. They offer raw milk, raw A2 milk, cream, sour cream. Other products are available through their herdshare program.

AmarilloPereira Pastures Dairy, Serves this area, see full listing under Abernathy.

AnsonSilverFire Ranch (just north of Abilene), phone: 325-271-2041, web: www.silverfireranch.com. Sells raw Nubian goat milk. Vaccinated, healthy animals. Collected twice daily when in milk. Fed clover mix hay and a dairy pellet feed with some calf mana. No weeds allowed in diet. Please call for directions. Prices change with season. Frozen and fresh both available. Until laws are changed, at-farm pickup only.

Austin area:

  • City Farm Austin, Paula Tarver (Managing Shareholder), South Austin, phone: 512-655-9039, email: cityfarmaustin@gmail.com. Find them online by searching for City Farm Austin on Yahoo Groups, LocalHarvest.org, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. The microfarm is in a South Austin neighborhood and consists of LaMancha dairy goats and chickens that are managed as naturally as possible. All shareholders purchase a share of the herd, pay a monthly maintenance fee, and milk all of the goats once a week (+/- 2 hours). A full share usually yields 4 quarts or more. As a herd owner, Shareholders accept the risks of low production and benefits of excess production. Visits to the farm are by appointment only. Microfarm tours are free. Also offered are milking classes, basic cheese making classes and soap making classes.
  • Elgin: Youngs Prairie Dairy, Frances Sharp, 356 Youngs Prairie Rd. Elgin TX 78621 (25 mi outside of Austin), phone: 512-304-5201, email: ypdairy@gmail.com, web: sharpgoatranch.com. State-certified Grade A Raw for Retail goat milk dairy. Nubian and Alpine goats are raised on a diet of alfalfa, grass hay, grain, and foraging. No herbicides or fertilizers. Goat milk, goat yogurt when available, and goat cheese. Contact them with questions or to schedule a visit.
  • Georgetown/Leander: Keno Farms, Mary & John Fenoglio (owners), 1250 CR 249 Florence, TX 76527, phone: 512-415-6801, email: fenoglio@embarqmail.com. They have raised dairy goats since 1971 and currently manage a herd of approximately 75 Nubians, Alpines, Lamanchas, and Saanens fed a diet of grains, grass and alfalfa hay, and native pasture graze. Raw milk and a variety of cheeses are sold when available via herdshare arrangements. Email them with “Herd Lease” in your subject line for details or call.
  • Rockdale: Richardson Farms Dairy & Creamery, Jim, Tim & Kay Richardson, 3126 County Road 412 Rockdale, TX 76567, phone: home – 512-446-2306; cell – 512-635-3691, email: jrdvm72@aol.com, web: richardsonfarms.com, Facebook: Richardson Farms. The Richardson family has been involved in farming for several generations. They are conservation minded in their farming efforts, and use no hormones or antibiotics used. All crops raised to feed livestock are non-GMO and pesticide-free. The dairy herd (20 cows) consists of Jerseys and a few Holsteins that are all A2/A2 protein producers. The dairy holds a Grade A Permit. They have a facility which houses a four-stall milking parlor, a milk plant for low-temperature pasteurization and a Country Store (open most days but call to make sure) featuring their complete line of beef, pork and poultry items. Their milk is featured at the farmers markets in Austin, Georgetown, and Houston. They have a Raw Milk for Retail Permit which allows the customer to pick up raw milk at the dairy. Please call prior to coming to the dairy, as some navigation apps will send you to the wrong place. Applications for Raw Milk Coops and Buying Groups are available upon request. Farm tours are offered by appointment Monday through Thursday.


  • Ash Acres Dairy, James, Jayna, and Hanna Ash (owner/operators), 5898 Dice Grove Road Belton, TX 76513, phone 254-718-1722 or 254-780-6452, email: Jaynaash@yahoo.com, web: ashacresrawmilk.com. This Grade A Texas Raw for Retail Permit dairy farm has been in the Ash family for several generations. Their Jersey cows graze on their native pastures and river bottom lands and are fed a small amount of grain while being milked. Tuberculosis- and brucellosis-free herd. Raw milk by the gallon and half gallon, with raw milk cheese and free-range chicken eggs to come. Store hours and tours are by appointment.
  • Soggy Bottom Goat Farm, Bob Bonney, 7068 S General Bruce Dr. Belton, TX, phone 254-718-4868 (please leave a message if unavailable, they will call you back), email Bobbonney2@gmail.com, Facebook: soggybottomgoatfarms. Small goat farm with Nubian goats, operated as an educational farm with the opportunity for people to become shareholders so they can get access to products that are available to shareholders and owners only. Goats free graze all day every day with molasses licks placed around the farm, supplemented with alfalfa, moringa, and sudangrass when needed. They are also given a small amount of sweet feed during milking to make them content. The farm hosts a farmers market on some Saturdays from 8am–4pm, weather permitting. Call them between 10am-7pm with any questions regarding the farm or market, or message them on Facebook.

Big Sandy: Trimble Dairy Farm, Bobby Trimble, email: bobby@Jerseymilkman.com, phone: 903-576-0393, Facebook: trimblefarms. Dairy farming since 1970. Grade A Raw Jersey cow milk. Fresh pastured eggs, chicken, pork sausage, grassfed beef, raw local honey, goat soap, canned preserves, coconut oil and sugar. Fresh produce when available. They are adding cows monthly along with other products.

Boyd: Dream Girls Dairy, Amanda, Robyn and James Peters, 313 CR 3598 Boyd, TX 76023, phone: 214-783-3203, email: prettyhorses@wisewb.comm. Small dairy and show herd that has goat milk available year-round. They also produce aged cheeses, and goat milk lotion and soap. Does always have access to pastures.

Bridgeport: Sandy Creek Farm, 1674 Cuba Rd. Bridgeport, TX 76426, phone: 940-393-1176, email: scfswiss@yahoo.com, web: cowquest.com. In business for over 50 years, they sell milk, cheese, and butter from 100 percent registered Brown Swiss cattle. Cows are pastured all year, given humane care, and receive no drugs, hormones, or steroids. Raw milk $7/gallon; $6/gallon with the purchase of 5 gallons or more. Honey also available in season. Open seven days a week, dawn to dark. Visits welcome.

Bryan / College StationSwede Farm Dairy, serves this area; see full listing under Houston.

CameronH H Ranch, phone: 254-697-2189. Raw goat milk; free-range turkey, duck and chicken eggs; live or frozen rabbits and chickens.

Chester: Flying G Farm, Kristin Gutzke, 129 CR 2590 S., Chester, TX 75936, email: kkicons@gmail.com. This farm breeds registered Nigerian Dwarfs for show and home dairy. They buy their goats from tested CAE and Johne’s-free herds, then dam-raise kids. They vaccinate the kids, but use antibiotics infrequently, and use herbal wormer. They send their goats out on browse when possible, and also feed local hay when available. On the milking stand and in feeders, they feed commercial calf creep feed pellets, and bagged alfalfa hay or pellets during lactation and late pregnancy. They use a deep bedding system that is self-composting and aerated with the help of chickens. Herd is kept small to promote tameness in the does and dam-raised kids. They are moving toward animal power for some of the farm work. They will offer a few herdshare memberships a year.


  • (Tarkington Prairie) Little Dairy on the Prairie, Allison, phone: 281-622-9973, email: texanmomof10@yahoo.com (put “real milk” in subject line). Raw goat milk for sale, fresh or frozen.
  • Linda’s Raw Milk, Linda and Harvey Winegar, 10150 FM 1725 Cleveland, TX 77328, phone: 281-593-1005, email: hlwinegar@att.net, Facebook: Lindas-Raw-Milk-Club/1644332492471704. Linda’s Raw Milk is a family farm using sustainable farm practices. Cows are all Jersey and are humanely raised, no hormones or antibiotics administered. Cows are tested free from BLV (bovine leukemia virus), TB, and Brucellosis. They are pasture raised and given hay and feed. Linda’s is a Grade A licensed dairy. They sell raw milk, yogurt, cream and kefir. Milk is $10/gallon. They are located 10 miles from 105 and 10 miles from 150. No phone calls before 8 am or after 9 pm. They are open most all of the time, please call before you come.

Collinsville: R&C Dairy and Farmstead, Rocky and Carol, 40 Crossroads Rd. Collinsville, TX 76233, phone: 903-429-2319, email: info@randcdairy.com, web: randcdairy.com. State-certified, Grade A raw milk dairy. Goat milk, Jersey milk, kefir, yogurt, buttermilk, goat milk butter, Jersey butter, fresh goat cheese, etc. Also offer goat meat and beef, goat milk soap, eggs and gift baskets. Please see their website for more details.

Conroe: Calico Fresh Market, 9550 League Line Rd. Conroe, TX 77304 (1.1 mi W of I-45, approx. 45 min from downtown Houston; 15 min from the Woodlands), phone: 936-205-1414, email: rawmilk@calicofreshmarket.com, web: www.calicofreshmarket.com, Facebook: calicofreshmarket. State-licensed Grade A Raw for Retail Dairy. Owners of this 40-acre dairy have been farmers and ranchers for 50 years. Their Jersey Ayrshire and Holstein cows and their goats graze pasture and get coastal hay with supplemental soy-free, non-GMO grain. No hormones, antibiotics, or steroids are used.  Products available daily include raw cow milk, raw goat milk, cream, sour cream, goat/cow kefir, farm-raised eggs, kombucha, cheeses, and seasonal products.

Crockett: Guardian Farms, (48 mi NNE of Huntsville on State Hwy 19), phone: 936-544-2004, email: guardianangel@valornet.com. Dairy goats for sale (Saanens) through community goatshare program. Goats are fed grass, alfalfa hay, beet pulp, corn, oats, cottonseed meal, sunflower seed, and unmedicated high-protein pellets. Also offer pastured brown eggs, turkeys, guinea, and pullets.

Dallas/Ft. Worth:

  • All-Natchur-L, Bill Barton, Cleburne, TX (6 miles west of Grandview off 35W. Or 6 miles east of Cleburne. Take Hwy 4 to Sand Flat to CR 417 to CR 309 up hill and first left is the farm), phone: 817-645-5198, cell: 817-223-2441, email: allnatchurl@gmail.com, web: www.allnatchurldairy.com. This Grade A licensed dairy has produced milk for 30 years. Products include whole raw milk, free range eggs, raw cheese, and raw honey. They milk Guernseys, Jerseys, Brown Swiss and a few Holsteins, which are pasture grazed and receive some feed (no soy) in the barn. No added hormones or antibiotics. Hours are 5 am – 6 pm, Sun-Sat.
  • C&K Farms (near McKinney), Catherine Smith, 7422 County Road 466 Princeton, TX 75407, phone: 972-562-0583, email: cathy@cathys-critters.com. Nubian goats. Goats are wormed regularly but not given antibiotics as a matter of course unless they are sick. Their diet is a mixture of hay, browse, and supplemental grain (dairy ration 16 percent protein). Excess milk is frozen in 1-gallon cubes and available for sale for $10/gallon for animal nursing or thawing and pasteurizing for home use in aged cheese or soap-making.
  • Clementine’s Dairy, serves this area; see full listing under Greenville.
  • Full Quiver Farms, Ltd. Co, Mike and Debbie Sams, 6238 FM 3396 Kemp, TX 75143, phone: 903-498-3884, email: fullquiverfarms@gmail.com, fax: 903-498-7252, web: fullquiverfarmstexas.com. Certified Raw For Retail. Products: raw milk, kefir, yogurt, whey, cheese, lacto-fermented vegetables, grassfed beef, whey-fed pork, cage-free eggs.
  • Tina, managing shareholder, serves this area; see full listing under Flower Mound.
  • Green Cow Dairy, 682 County Rd. 370 Dublin, TX 76446-8743, phone: 817-880-3247, email: GreenCowDairy@yahoo.com. Grade A Dairy with Retail Raw Permit. Selling raw milk from grassfed cows for human consumption. Milk sold by the gallon anytime. Raw milk products available. Grassfed calves for sale.
  • Lil Mac D Dairy Nubian Dairy Goats, web: lilmacd.com. Raw milk available; see website for more information.
  • Rosey Ridge Farm, Hooley Family, 175 HCR 4415 Grandview, TX 76050 (35 mi S of Ft. Worth, 60 mi S of downtown Dallas, 2 mi off 35W. From 35W going S take exit 12. Go E on FM 67, 2 mi to County Rd. 4415 on the right, in a curve. First drive on the right.), phone: 817-789-5196, email: roseyridgefarm@gmail.com, web: roseyridgefarm.com. State Certified with a “Grade A” Retail Raw milk permit since 2010. Milking 25-30 Jersey and Jersey cross grassfed cows on native and forage grass diets grown without chemicals. To schedule a pickup, call or email Beth Ann at contact info above.

Dayton/Liberty: Little Dairy on the Prairie, serves this area; see full listing under Cleveland.

Decatur: Diamond B Cattle Company, Clifford and Cheryl Buchanan, Decatur (45 min NW of Fort Worth, 4 mi W of State FM Hwy 51 S), phone: 940-389-3816, email: diamondcb@yahoo.com, web: diamondbcattle.com. Former commercial dairymen with 50 years’ experience raising champion Jerseys now offering raw milk. State-certified (TX Permit #481241).

Dublin: Veldhuizen Family Farm, Stuart & Connie Veldhuizen, phone: 254-968-3098, email: info@veldhuizencheese.com, web: veldhuizencheese.com. Grade A Raw for Retail milk available from Jersey/cross cows. The cows are on green grass with a very low grain diet, no soy is fed. Selection of raw milk artisan cheeses available. They also sell pastured eggs, beef, and pork all raised on the farm.

El PasoPereira Pastures Dairy, serves this area; see full listing under Abernathy

Farmersville: N&P Farm & Dairy, LLC, Lyn and Steve Horton, 713 CR 610 Farmersville, TX 75442, phone: 972-658-0291, email: lynhorton@sbcglobal.net. They offer Grade A raw cow and goat milk, as well as other dairy products. Texas Raw for Retail permit number 483211. They are open on Wed. from 10 am-6 pm and Sat from 9 am-2 pm. Please feel free to call for more information.

Flower Mound: Tina, managing shareholder, email: dfwgoatmilk@gmail.com. Milk from Lamancha goats. Weekly boarding fee is $14, only starts after goat kids, which is sometime in end of February or early March. In return for your goatshare purchase you get 1 gallon of raw goat milk from your goat per share per week. Costs of ownership per goat share is $100/year. Half share is $50/year. The weekly boarding fee will go towards the feed and management cost of the goat. Goats receive high quality goat feed and alfalfa hay, sunflower seeds, minerals, and they free range in the pasture where they have access to many tree leaves, mix grass, flowers, and weeds. You can buy half share or more shares. Most of the goats produce milk from March to December. Any kids that goat produces are NOT part of the share. Farm fresh pasture eggs also sold – $7 dozen.

Forestburg: Dry Valley Dairy, Charles Steadham, (1/10 mi off Hwy 1749 on Dry Valley Rd, near Forestburg in Montague County), phone: 940-964-2549, email: dryvalleydairy@gmail.com, Facebook: Dry-Valley-Dairy-217946998229685. State permit for Grade A raw retail milk. Milking pastured, registered Jersey cows. Tours may be scheduled.

Fort Worth: See listings under Dallas/Fort Worth.

Gainesville/Lindsay: Circle N Family Dairy, Tommy & Michelle Neu, 2074 CR 446 Gainesville, TX 76240 (5 mi N of Lindsay, 10 mi W of Gainesville from Hwy 82 and I-35 intersection. Take Hwy. 82 West through Lindsay, and turn on FM 1199 North 5 miles and the dairy is located on County Rd. 446.), phone: 940-372-0343, email: michelle@circlendairy.com, web: circlendairy.com. Family dairy since 1967. Open 7 days a week from 10 am-6 pm. State certified (TX permit # 483209), offering Grade A raw milk and cream. See website for more information.

Gainesville/Valley View: Spring Creek Farms, Danny and Laine Wolf, 5455 S Interstate 35 Gainesville, TX 76240 (4 mi S of Gainesville, 4 mi N of Valley View. Intersection of I-35 and Spring Creek Rd. Exit 491 going north or south.), phone: 940-736-3137, email: springcreekmilk@gmail.com web: springcreekdairy.com Facebook: WolfDairy. Family operated dairy for more than 75 years. Open seven days a week; milk available 24 hours/day. $5/gallon or $20 for 5 gallons. State certified (TX permit # H483218), offering Grade A raw milk from Jersey and Brown Swiss cows. See the website for more information.

Georgetown: Dyer Dairy, Aaron and Susan Dyer, 7801 E. Hwy 29 Georgetown, TX 78626, phone: 512-638-0415, email: info@dyermercantile.com, web: dyermercantile.com. This farm offers raw milk cheeses. Note that they do produce non-homogenized whole milk for sale from Holsteins, Brown Swiss, Jersey and Ayrshire cattle fed a non-GMO diet. However, the milk, previously sold raw, is now pasteurized. They also have beef, pastured pork, chicken, and free-range eggs available.

Gilmer: Bear Dairy, 8528 Giraffe Rd. Gilmer, TX, phone: 903-725-7794. Licensed raw cow milk retailer offering milk and cream.

Greenville: Clementine’s Dairy, (located at Rehoboth Ranch) Mark and Hillary Hutchins, 2238 County Rd. 1081, Greenville, TX 75401 (45 mi NE of Dallas), phone: 903-456-1850, email: clementinesdairy@gmail.com. Formerly Rehoboth Ranch, the Grade A Raw Goat Milk Dairy has passed down a generation and is now operated by Robert’s son, Mark, daughter-in-law, Hillary, and their two children. Pastured Nubians and Lamanchas roam the 300 acre organic ranch. Non-GMO grain ration fed at milking time. Email for free tasting and milk sold by appt. only. Please call or email before you come.

Hico: Triple M Jersey Farm, (one hour SW of DFW), email: rawJerseymilk@msn.com. Currently operating with a Grade A “Raw” for Retail Milk License, Permit #481915. They sell raw milk from their herd of registered Jersey cattle. No hormones or antibiotics used.


  • Buying Clubs/Email List: Houston Milk & Native Nutrition Club, health.groups.yahoo.com/group/HoustonRaw/. Email list for those wanting raw milk and good food.
  • Calico Fresh Market, serves this area; see full listing under Conroe.
  • Healthy Way Dairy, Bill and Irene Nelson, 15525 Cedar St, Santa Fe TX 77517, phone:  409-739-2389, email: cowsplus@verizon.net. Grade A Raw for Retail Texas Department of State Health Services permit # 481402. Raw cow milk from pasture fed Jersey, Guernsey and Brown Swiss cows.
  • Miracle Farm, Santa Fe, TX, phone: 409-770-4934, email: brokenshell2@yahoo.com A small dairy farm that sells dairy products along with fresh eggs, and fruit from their trees when ready. Call/text or email to find out what is available.
  • Stryk Jersey Farm, serves this area; see full listing under Schulenberg.
  • Gramen Farm serves this area; see full listing under Tomball.
  • Swede Farm Dairy, Tim or LeeAnne Carlson, Waller, TX, phone: 832-659-7070 or 936-931-1863, Facebook: Swede Farm. Raw goat milk, yogurt, kefir from a family run Grade A Dairy. Note that they also sell pasteurized products on farm and at area farmers markets, so be sure to ask for the raw.

Jacksonville: Buttercup Farms, Monroe and Ann McAnally, 975 County Road 4106
phone: 903-586-9249 or 903-284-4444. Raw Whole Milk, Permit #483117. The farm uses no rBST or rBCH. $5/gallon

La Coste: Miller Farms (15 mi W of San Antonio), phone: 210-508-1733, email: milfam1212@aol.com, web: millerfarmsrawmilk.com. Licensed Grade A Raw Milk for retail dairy. Family farm with Jersey and Jersey cross cows. Raw milk available by the gallon. Call or email for more information or to arrange a pick up.

La GrangeThe Jersey Barnyard, 3117 St. Hwy. 159 La Grange, TX 78945, phone: 979-249-3406 (store) or 979-249-6450 (Ralph’s cell), web: TXJersey.com. Grade A Raw for Retail Texas Permit #480704. Century family farm. Grassfed, pastured Jersey herd since 1948. Farm tours offered daily, gift shop with raw milk, farmstead cheeses, and free-range eggs.

Leon County: Keechi Creek Farms and Dairy, Kelli Bledsoe, 6057 CR 106 Leona, TX 75850, phone: 936-241-3163 or 936-349-7169, email: keechicreekdairy@hughes.net. State certified grade A raw for retail goat milk. (Permit #483316) A herd of Alpine and LaMancha goats raised with organic principles in mind. Call or email to schedule a visit. Goats are fed a lactation specialized grain mix along with free grazing pasture, and GMO free certified alfalfa when needed. Custom raised beef and pork available for pre-order twice per year.

Lorena: Crystal Creek Farms, Ben and Debbie Glinsmann, 810 S. Frontage Rd., Lorena, TX 76655, phone: 254-881-2022 or 254-715-3810, email: amberk82@hotmail.com. Cowshare program licensed by the state of Texas to sell whole raw milk at the farm. Small herd of registered Jersey cows on pasture and fed organic grains and grasses mixed on site. Testing is performed monthly through Stephenville. Cream and hand-churned butter also available.


  • Coursey Family Farm, Mike and Annette Coursey; 4005 E CR 5700 Lubbock, TX 79403, phone 817-992-8560, email: courseyfarm@yahoo.com, web: www.courseyfamilyfarm.com. Permitted, raw for retail Grade A Dairy. Offering fresh raw goat milk and raw goat milk yogurt. The herd of Nubian goats enjoy locally raised sudangrass and peanut hay and a grain mixture while on the milking stand. The goats are raised with no hormones added. Their fresh products sell out quickly, please call to order. Phone calls or texts returned Monday through Saturday. See website for map to the farm.
  • Field of Dreams Dairy, Scott and Brandi, (E of O’Donnell TX, less than hour S of Lubbock), phone: 806-439-6316, email: fieldofdreamsdairy@yahoo.com, web: fieldofdreamsdairy.com. Grade A Raw for Retail Milk License, 100 percent grassfed purebred registered Jersey herd. See website for more information about their farm and purchasing their products.
  • Pereira Pastures Dairy, serves this area; see full listing under Abernathy.

Mercedes/Rio Grande Valley: Edens Lilly Goat Dairy, 5579 Rancho Toluca Road Mercedes, TX 78579, phone: 956-463-7035, email: Edenslilly1@aol.com, web: www.edenslillydairy.com/. Goats: Nubian, Mini-Nubian, Lamancha, Mini-Lamancha, Nigerian Dwarfs They range on 15 acres of irrigated Tifton/Bermuda grass at all times. Free choice hay as well. They receive black oil sunflower seeds, alfalfa pellets, beet pulp, barley brewers grains, and sprouted wheat at the milk stand every evening. Also receive free choice kelp and minerals. All animals are TB, Brucellosis, CAE, and Johnes-free. Vet-tested yearly. Dairy offers half gallon jugs of raw milk by contract, for farm pick-up. Fresh or frozen. Milk is currently running at an average of 5 percent butterfat, dhia tested monthly. Call, text, or email for an appointment or tour.

Midland: Pereira Pastures Dairy, serves this area; see full listing under Abernathy.

Mineola: The Waldo Way LLC, NaRisa Waldo, 395 County Road 2482 Mineola, TX 75773, phone: 903-245-9673 or 903-258-4829, email: ris@thewaldoway.com or trentonmontgomery@yahoo.com, Facebook: The Waldo Way Dairy Farm. Grade A raw milk dairy farm featuring Guernsey milk, yogurt, local cheeses, butter, pastured meats and more. Store hours: Wednesday-Friday 9 am-5 pm Saturday 9 am-3 pm. Look for farm signs on highway 37. Farm tours are available.

Moulton: Four E Dairy, Inc., 784 County Rd. 251, Moulton (S of I-10 between San Antonio and Houston), phone: 361-772-4148 or 361-798-6131, web: www.fouredairy.com. Fresh raw Jersey milk from family-run Grade A dairy, Permit # H480320. Also eggs.


  • Summerland Acres, Kim Briggs, 1548 County Road 411 Nacogdoches, TX 75961 (Out 21E in Melrose), phone: 936-205-0192, email: kbsummerland@gmail.com, Facebook: Summerland Acres. Currently they only have a family milk cow (Jersey) that gives more milk than they can drink. She is milked twice a day and given a bit of grain so she stays still. She has a nice pasture to live in. $7/gallon, $6 if you buy four or more gallons. When there is an excess of milk and it is over a week old, $4/gallon. Buy in is a box of half gallon mason jars. Kefir grains always available for free. Honey occasionally available.
  • Texadus Family Farm, Harold and Lynn Jones, phone: 936-615-3050 (leave message with your number), email: Texadus@gmail.com. Small herd of LaMancha and Mini La Mancha dairy goats. Goat milk, eggs, and seasonal produce available. They usually milk year-round. Also serves Carthage, Timpson areas.

New Braunfels: Goatilicious LLC, 2850 Bunker St. New Braunfels, TX 78132, Robert and Claudia Ragels, phone: 830-335-8764 (call or text), email: drinkgoatsmilk@yahoo.com, web: TexasGoatDairy.com. They have Nubian and Lamancha goats. Grade A raw milk available from the farm by appointment only. All the milk must be pre-ordered, as it is not bottled until it is sold.

Plano: Lavon Farms, 3721 North Jupiter Road Plano, TX 75074 phone: 972-423-8080, email: Farmstore@luckylayla.com, Facebook: Lavon-Farms-260723350645160/. Owned by Deanna and Todd Moore and Todd’s brother, Jonathan, Lavon Farms has registered Guernseys and Jersey cattle that are milked twice a day and graze pastures freely. The cows are offered free choice hay and supplemented ration with 16 percent protein grain for fetal development and energy under guidance from a cattle nutritionist. They do not use chemicals, antibiotics or growth hormones, and the Guernsey herd has been tested for A2/A2. Their farm store offers Lavon Farms grade A raw Guernsey and Jersey milk. They are vertically integrated and handcraft Lucky Layla Farms dairy products. (www. Luckylayla.com) that can be found in Whole Foods, HEB, Central Market, and various other grocers. All their dairy products (including butter, ghee, cheese, drinkable yogurts, as well as farm fresh eggs) can be found at their farm store 9 am-6 pm, Monday-Saturday.

Pasadena: Udderladies Farm, phone: 281-487-1930, email: UdderladiesFarm@SBCGlobal.net. Raw goat milk for cheese and soap making at low prices.

Richland: 2 L Goat Dairy, 11966 Hwy 14 Richland, TX, phone: 903-362-1757 (home), 254-747-0181 or 254-747-0133 (cells). Grade A Retail Raw Goat Dairy with milk checked by the state. Their goats are pastured as well as offered lactating goat pellets, chopped corn and sunflower seeds, and free-choice alfalfa hay. Milk available by the quart or half-gallon, fresh or frozen.

Rusk: Able Oaks Ranch, phone: 903-530-1009, email: vlyons@hughes.net. Raw goat milk and farmstead cheese available through community goatshare program. Goat milk and colostrum available for pets and soap-making occasionally. Call in advance for pick-up and directions to the farm. They also offer pasteurized milk products so be sure to ask for the raw.

Saint Jo/Montague County: Roger and Summer Nunneley, PO Box 250, Saint Jo, TX 76265, phone: 940-987-3033, email: Nunneleys@aol.com. Raw goat milk and free-range eggs.

San Antonio area:

  • Goatilicious LLC — See full listing under New Braunfels.
  • Miller Farms — See full listing under La Coste.
  • MooJesus! — See full listing under Seguin.

Santa Fe:

  • Healthy Way Dairy — See full listing under Houston
  • Miracle Farm — See full listing under Houston

Schulenburg: Stryk Jersey Farm, 629 Krenek Stryk Rd. @ Interstate 10 Schulenburg, TX 78956 (Halfway between San Antonio and Houston and an hour SE of Austin), phone: 979-561-8468, web: texascheese.com. Transitional organic family farm has had pastured, grassfed Jersey cows since 1950. Grade A Raw Milk for Retail (TX Permit # H480316) to provide fresh milk and other raw milk products.

Seguin: MooJesus! Dairy, Pastor Gina, 12060 FM 466 Seguin, TX 78155, phone: 830-491-8557 or 830-491-8556, web: moojesus.com. Licensed by the State of Texas as a raw milk hand milking dairy. MooJesus! Dairy Store sells grassfed Jersey cow milk, cream, yogurt, soft cheese with herbs, butter, ice cream, buttermilk, milkshakes, smoothies, and more. They also sell ranch raised grassfed meats and poultry, certified naturally grown produce, sprouted grain bakery items, naturally fermented sauerkraut, coconut oil products and a sprouted nut butter, and organic maple syrup mixture called Nutzola©. The farm-to–table restaurant offers naturally grown fare. They also have activities such as fishing on the Guadalupe (B.Y.O. pole), touring the gardens and dairy, horseback riding, and horse drawn carts, and live Christian music. You may order a picnic lunch to eat on the grounds. Check their website for hours. Hours change with the seasons and product availability. They are closed on Sunday.

Texarkana areaRose of Sharon Acres, 3907 CR 1202 N Maud, TX 25 min from Texarkana), phone: 903-585-5113, web: roseofsharonacres.com. Small family-run ADGA Nubian herd. See website for availability of kids and goat milk products.

Tolar: Southern Belle Dairy, 11340 Wind Hollow Ct. Tolar, TX 76476, phone: 254-595-0407, email: info@southernbelledairyfarm.com, web: www.southernbelledairyfarm.com, Facebook: SouthernBelleDairy. Unpasteurized, unhomogenized, farm fresh milk from grassfed cows and goats. Offering raw milk, yogurt, chicken and duck eggs, grassfed beef, and other farm fresh goodies. Store hours are 10 am – 7 pm, except Mondays and Wednesdays, when they are closed. Private tours, butter making classes, goat yoga, and other events.


  • Gramen Farm, Grant, 20158 Bauer-Hockley Rd. Tomball, TX 77377 (30 mi NW of downtown Houston off Meusche Rd exit on Hwy 290), phone: 832-287-0140, web: gramenfarm.com. State permitted Grade A Dairy with raw cow dairy, grassfed meat, and pasture raised poultry products. Currently milking 15 Jersey cows on 32 acres. They also have 15 Brangus grassfed beef cows on another 20 acres. Open to the public 8 am-6 pm Mon-Fri; 9 am-5 pm Sat. Farm store, free petting zoo, family visits and farm tours encouraged.
  • Theesfeld’s Nubian Dairy Goats, Stephan & Lynn Theesfeld, phone: 281-787-2941, email: theesfelds_nubians@yahoo.com, web: theesfelds.webs.com, Facebook: Theesfelds Nubians. Raw goat milk and goat milk soaps.

Tulia: Tule Creek Nubians Dairy, 1750 CR 16 Tulia, TX, phone: 806-994-0067, web: https://tule-creek-dairy.com/. Grade A Raw for Retail purebred Nubian Goat dairy located about an hour south of Amarillo. Artisanal dairy produces fresh as well as aged hard cheeses. Raw milk available for pickup on the farm on a limited basis. The herd is disease free (tested annually) and no hormones or antibiotics are used on their milking string. Carey Bartram manages the small herd of 30, which are supplemented with a dairy ration as well as free-choice alfalfa. In addition, they are encouraged to browse on 10 acres of native pasture. As well as providing goat milk and cheese to the local community and surrounding area, the farm also offers handcrafted goat milk soap as well. Tule Creek Nubians Dairy is active in showing and there are several champions in the herd. Tule Creek cheeses and soaps will be available at the Canyon Farmers Market in addition to their farm store. The first licensed goat dairy operation in the Texas Panhandle to offer cheese and fresh milk.


  • Greenock Farms, Kerri, (NW of Waco between China Spring and Laguna Park), phone: 254-709-2147, email: kerriontheprairie@gmail.com. Small, family-owned farm currently offering raw milk through a milk club.
  • Mill-King Market, The Millers, 1410 Coyote Lane McGregor, TX 76657 (between Crawford and McGregor), phone: 254-340-0003, email: info@mill-king.com, web: www.millkingmarket.com/millkingmarket.com/Mill-King_Raw_Milk.html. Third generation family-run farm offering raw milk from a combination of Holstein, Brown Swiss, and Jersey cows that are grassfed. On-site farm store offers raw milk, low temp pasteurized milk and cream, cheese, local pecans, grassfed beef, pastured chicken, organic eggs, local honey, and other local farm products. To reach the store use the 1410 Coyote Lane address, then turn down Orion Rd. (a dirt road) and go approximately 300 yards. The store will be on the left. It is a white metal building with red trim. Store is open during daylight hours seven days a week.
  • Triple S Dairy LLC, Daniel May, 240 Windmill Lane Waco, TX 76705 (take exit 343 off I-35, go W on FM 308 to FM 933. Take a right going N for ~3 mi to farm on left), phone: 254-723-4302, email: BuyMilk@TripleSDairy.com. Their cows are Jersey and Brown Swiss, they free range pasture 24/7 and are grained while milking. The dairy carries whole raw milk and the retail price is $8/gallon and $5.50/half-gallon. Hours: Mon–Sat 8 am-7 pm. They take calls any time.
  • World Hunger Relief Farm, 356 Spring Lake Rd. Waco, TX 76705, phone: 254-799-5611, web: worldhungerrelief.org. Small state-certified Grade A Raw Goat Milk Dairy selling raw goat milk. They also sell free-range eggs and offer vegetables through their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) membership program. World Hunger Relief, Inc. is a Christian organization committed to the alleviation of hunger around the world. Their farm operations, including the goat dairy, serve as a classroom for their Agriculture Development Interns who are training to work with farmers and communities in the developing world. In purchasing their products you are supporting development efforts around the world.

Waxahachie: Bo-Tex Brown Swiss Dairy,4801 FM 877 (Howard Road), phone: Samantha- 972-743-7490; Cleve- 214-533-4340 or Susan- 972-743-3730. Sells certified raw milk for retail, from registered Brown Swiss Cattle. The dairy is a small 10-cow family operation owned and managed by Samantha Brogdon.  The cattle are fed grain, grass, and quality hay. Cost of milk is $7/gallon. Texas permit #H4815-09.

Winnsboro: Jersey Girls Milk Company, (near Winnsboro, approx 1 hour N of Tyler and 2 hours E of Dallas), phone: 903-365-2449, web: Jerseygirlsmilk.com. Small family dairy presently milking approximately 150 Jersey cows, 20 of which are qualified for raw (unpasteurized) milk sales. Cows are pastured (not confined) and have never been given rBST or rBGH. They receive nominal amounts of feed concentrate twice daily while being milked. The remainder of their diet consists of grazing and seasonal forages harvested locally and baled and/or ensiled. They welcome visitors and are glad to discuss operations with anyone interested. See website for hours, directions to the farm, current pricing, or if you have questions.

Wichita Falls: Restless Prairie Farm, 383 Soaring Eagle Trail Wichita Falls, TX 76310 (by Lake Arrowhead), email: restlessprairiefarm@yahoo.com. Grade A Raw for Retail Dairy. Milking Nigerian Dwarfs and Nubians. Farm Store, workshops in handspinning, soap making, cheese, butter, and yogurt making. They make and sell goat milk soaps and lotions, eggs from their free-range chickens, grassfed meats, raw milk, produce. They accept the SNAP card.

Wolfe City: K&B Ranch Eden Dairy Farm, Kenny & Becki Anderson, 358 County Road 4519 phone: 214-274-5369, email: beckianderson@ymail.com. Raw goat milk and goat milk products from Saanen dairy goats fed grain and alfalfa. Tours welcome with appointment. The farm also sells at the Northeast Texas Community College Farmers Market the first Friday of each month.

331 thoughts on “Texas

  1. Milkrunonline.com delivers Mill-King milk and other products in the Houston area. They also deliver fresh bread, same day juice, honey and more.

    • Try calling Jersey Girls in Winnsboro. You have to pay for it at the farm (online), but if she’s driving to DFW that week for whatever reason you could probably hook up with her and get it. I’ve had to do that before. NOTE: it’s kind of a big deal that you CANNOT pay for it at the time if you need to meet up. You must pay online or send a check to the farm in advance.

  2. Hi everyone one I was wondering is there a place close to Pasadena where i can buy goat or cows milk raw and cheese I’m having a hard time finding anything close to me

  3. Last time I checked, low-temp pasteurized milk is STILL pasteurized milk–not RAW milk–and I will continue to NOT drink milk until I can get REAL, honest-to-goodness, RAW milk. Got that, Corporate Dairy Farming Lobby? I REFUSE to buy or drink pasteurized milk, PERIOD.

    • Long been a desire of mine to move not only to mapped listings but also ability for farmers to submit and manage listings, and ability for readers to rate and review listings. And also, a way to transition the existing 2000+ listings to this new system. I have an SOW that I shop around from time to time to programmers. Seems to be a lengthy and expensive process to get what I want. WAPF may eventually fund this work but it has not been the priority.

      • I wonder if you can make a community map where a group of volunteers would add listings from this site to it.

        One idea is to take photos of said dairy’s storefront and post it to Google maps.

        Another is to create an account (on Google) for RealMilk and share the map administrative rights with other volunteers who would find the location and pin it.

        Then you can embed the area of the map associated with each state on the same page.

  4. I am in Louisiana and looking for a non-GMO, grass fed raw milk farm I can get to. I am along I-10. Anything on my side of Houston would be awesome! Thanks so much in advance!
    I did look at the listing but I spend a long time looking up the towns listed and it was taking an hour and still didn’t happen across anything.

  5. Stryk dairy delivers to La Vernia and San Antonio, you have to belong to a coop for the delivery. They do not have good customer service and currently it is impossible to get anything but milk since they are so busy. You can go to the dairy. The moo jesus place in seguin is difficult to find and we never went back there after being ignored. We are hoping to move to the coast (or out of state, tired of fighting ants, gophers and hogs). Is there any raw milk producers in the Port Lavaca area. thanks

  6. I stay in dallas looking for colostrum milk . does anyone can help me where i can get first three days after the delivery , please kindly let me know anything close i near Dallas-fort worth area


    • I buy powdered colostrum online in a 2# container from Immune Tree. They are certified and the only supplier that states the newborn calf has first dibs on the beneficial milk.

      • Thanks for visiting the page. There are so many listings nationwide that it is difficult for us to monitor all the listings (we are not full-time staff), and we generally rely on the providers to let us know to remove outdated listings. If you can specify some for us we can try to reach out to them.

  7. Sadly, Dyer Dairy in Georgetown is no longer selling raw milk, only low-temp pasteurized. They sent out an email announcing this change to those on their mailing list. Apparently, their insurance company would no longer insure their raw milk.

  8. Dyer Dairy in Georgetown just announced that they are stopping production of raw milk, but their store will continue to be open and selling many great meat and other fresh products, and they also will be selling low temp pasteurized milk.

  9. This is a wonderful article !! Thank you for your time & effort !! can anyone tell me if and which ones are close to me in east Texas ? Id love to find a place with grass fed meats, free range , healthy foods !! Im new to the area so help is appreciated !!

      • The one in Gilmer is closed. Closet is Big Sandy 40 min. away- but I guess better than nothing. If anyone hears of something opening closer to Longview in the future please post. Until then Big Sandy it is. The farm does look beautiful from the website.

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  11. Living in Irving, TX area and interested in raw milk. Is there a farm near by? Or any door drop option available from a local farm?

  12. Looking for goat milk in the Austin area — milk clean and free of blood. Yes, we were sold some recently that was pink; the seller knew the udders were bleeding and didn’t tell us. Please, goat farmers, if you know your goats’ udders are bleeding, please tell your customers beforehand — we’ll happily wait until the situation clears up. We’re supporters of both raw milk and slow food movements. Re the listing for goat milk in Llano, it’s no longer in operation.

  13. Hi,
    I need to find a farm near Arlington, TX. The ones listed may be far or close, but there´s no way of telling. Does anyone know one?

  14. I recently moved to Flower Mound TX and would love to find a farm that provides raw milk, grass fed beef and free range chickens. I am not familiar with where all the cities in TX so not sure which ones listed might be a reasonable distance from me. My zip code is 75022. Can you suggest some that may be fairly close. What is the shelf/refrigeration life of raw milk? Can you safely freeze it and if so for how long? Thanks

  15. Sadly, Homestead Farms in Keller, TX is no longer producing their delicious raw goat milk. However, the farm and farm store is still open, and provides a nice selection of local pastured products, including eggs, meats, butter (cow), yogurts (sometimes cow, sometimes goat), veggies, etc. Check it out!

  16. We are looking for a raw milk source near Hillister Texas. Hillister is between Beaumont and Woodville, Texas…thank you…

  17. In Texas, under the Dallas/Ft. Worth listings, Garg Farms is gone. Has been out of business for over 2 years. I live nearby so it’s sad for me, but much worse for the many people I have seen pulling into the entrance to the farm, only to find a for sale sign.

    Please remove this listing.

    Thank you

  18. Pereira Pastures Dairy’s website is not currently functioning. Don’t know if they’re still in business or not. I’d call, but it’s four in the morning.

    • I’ve removed the website link but for now left the other contact info. They have an active Facebook page; I’ve added that to the listing. They probably decided to stop paying for a website and just use FB…looks like a number in TX have done that, but not let me know!

    • Looks like some have abandoned their websites for Facebook, but didn’t tell me! 🙂 I’ve removed all dead URLs I found in TX and OK, but left the listings otherwise with other contact info. It may be that some of those dairies are out of business now but haven’t asked to be removed. If you find out any are out of business, please let me know.

  19. This has slightly bugged me and wasted more time looking up individual towns than I did creating this map of all towns where milk is listed on this page. It’s crude and only includes town where milk is listed as being available.


    Once see a town where milk could be, I do a search of this page to find out details. No immediate plans to add more details, though will add other states as I travel through them and need milk.

  20. I am looking for Colostrum (Cow’s First Milk). Do you know anybody sell either fresh or frozen? I live in Houston TX and I can drive 100 miles max to get this milk. I appreciate your help.


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  22. What are the requirements to be a dairy listed on your site? I’ve been told my one local raw milk dairy that they have to supplement with grain so the cows don’t waste away. Is grain truly needed in raw milk production? Is grain-supplemented raw milk safe to drink?

    • We list almost any source of raw milk that contacts us to be listed. It is up to the consumer to investigate the farm; we don’t have resources to do this. We do occasionally remove listings based on reader complaints, that we do try to verify both by getting the source’s side of the story and by having a WAPF chapter leader visit the farm if possible.

      Cows should be mostly on pasture or eating hay in the winter. Supplementation with grain can be done healthfully. Non-GMO grain, perhaps mixed with field peas, generally only at milking time (it’s often part of an incentive to lure the cows to the milking barn and keep them happy while there). Soaked grain is best. I’ve seen varying figures in a tight range about the percentage of their weight in grain that is ok.

      Milk can be produced 100% grassfed but it is harder to do…the cows use quite a bit of energy for milk production and if they aren’t supplemented with grain they get very thin and don’t give as much milk. But for those who are especially sensitive to grain, 100% grassfed is the only milk they can drink. Grain supplemented raw milk is safe and suitable for a lot of people.

  23. Hi! I am wanting to purchase a good, sweet tasting raw cows milk. I purchased a gallon from a man at one of our farmers markets and it was frozen and tasted like the cow, I threw it out. Expensive and a waste. Someone said that the sweet milk comes from putting the cows in the barn at night to eat on hay, and then milked first thing in the morning. I live in Corpus Christi, and will go as far as Houston to buy this milk. Can anyone tell me who they know to produce milk in this area or near me, and knows by experience that the milk is sweet, not bitter and animal tasting?

  24. Anyone know of a source or co-op in the Abilene area for raw cow’s milk? I would love to find a source, but just can’t drive 2 hours for a gallon. I was hoping there was a co-op in the area…

  25. Hey everyone. Just moved to Fort Worth near Arlington. Went to the first farm listed today on DFW location. It doesn’t appear the this milk has cream on top like the raw milk I use to get before. I will email them but does anyone know of which leaves the cream in?

    • Well, deems the ride shook up the milk enough. 2nd gallon had cream on top after settling while going through the 1st gallon.

  26. I’m located in Dallas(75218/white rock lake area). Where can I find raw milk(cow/goat) in my area? Farm or Delivery?
    Any help would be fully appreciated.

  27. Can anyone tell me which Texas farm(s) might be closest to the Louisinana border? And is it illegal to buy raw milk in one state (where the sale is legal), for personal use, and transport it across state lines (to a state where buying raw milk is illegal)?

  28. I see there a several dairy farms to choose from around the Houston area
    I am new to raw milk. Can you recommend the best dairy around these parts? Taste and cleanliness etc.

    • Gramen Farms in Tomball (see listing above) is where we get our milk. They have co-ops all over the Houston area, as well. We’ve tried Calico Farms in Conroe, as well, but don’t care for it as much. Some of Calico Farms’ products are shipped down from their other farm in Michigan or Wisconsin.

      • Sarah,

        Could you tell me how Gramen Farms runs their co-ops? I make cheese and teach cheese making classes and usually use 1 to 10 gallons of milk a week, but it varies a lot depending on my schedule. Is there a standing order that you have each week or are they flexible? I live in Conroe and had been making cheese for Calico up until recently when I just could no longer support their farm in good conscience and I find myself needing to find a source very soon.

        Thanks for any help you can give.

        • Not sure all of the co-ops work exactly the same, but I do know that co-op members order and pay directly through Gramen (so there’s no appearance of reselling, which is against state law). You order what you want, and it can change each week (or you can skip a week). Then, typically, co-op members will take turns picking up orders each week (or two).

  29. We’re getting ready to move back HOME to Texas! Moving to Dallas…north Dallas, possibly Carrollton/Richardson. Not sure exactly yet. Looks like the closest raw (cow’s) milk suppliers are an hour plus from the city. Are there any mobile deliveries from any of the farms? Any places to buy closer in the city? Where we live now, a wonderful farm in the Atlanta area makes mobile stops throughout the city 3 days a week. GREAT for a big city! Thank you in advance!

    • Unfortunately, mobile deliveries are currently not legal in Texas (hopefully that will change soon). Buyers’ co-ops are legal, though, and are a good option for those who live a distance away from the farm. Not all farms have co-ops available, though (by current law, all payments must be made directly to the farm, not to the co-op driver or coordinator).

      • Thank you Sarah! I’ll have to check each of the farms in the greater DFW area to see about options. I appreciate your response.

  30. I live in Waco TX, and have just lost our only nearby source for real raw grass-fed milk. Recently, James Nors of Abbott passed away and the family has decided to close down the raw milk production of the farm. There are 20 of us in this milk coop. Can anyone please recommend a place near that can accommodate our raw milk coop?
    The ‘real milk’ site has not been helpful.
    I’d be grateful.


  31. Would you mind giving the science behind the raw milk claims? When tested against pastuerized milk the benifits are marginal if any, and the risks of bacterial contamination far out weigh any benefits. There have been children in Australia who have died from bacterial contamination from drinking raw milk, particularly from a cow who had a bacterial infect but wasn’t showing any signs. I understand if you are ideologically motivated, and want to consume only “raw foods” and “all natural” products, but the scientific comunity is almost monlithically against the claims for consumption of raw milk products. Before anyone launches a “big pharma” counter argument of any sort, the science was done by academics, it was done my microbiology researches, it was done by people ehonhave no interests or ties to to any pharmaceutical industries. Good science continually questions itself and retests it’s conclusions. Good science does not simply look for evidence to support a hypothosis, it looks for ways and conditions for their hypothesis to fall apart. You cannot simply infer an effect by indeirect evidence and dismiss any contrary evidence, good science strices to acoid affirming the consequent, and therefore can be certain when proper controls are in place the evidence is clear. I have tasted raw unhomogenized milk and it is very tastey, and I really enjoy the nonhomogeneity of the milk fats. The raw milk movement would be much safer if it acknowledged the amount of effort it took to ensure the safety of a raw milk product and the amount of testing required by quality raw milk producers, as well as marginalizing the unscientific claims that are easily disproven are made it draws doubt upon the entire raw milk industry, and that is bad for business. Science may not know everything, but it is not an entity or thing, or an organization, it is merely a process for determining truth and accuracy, and as of yet, it the best we have. Ideological stances are important, but just as important is the need for those stances to be tempered by evidence and and science based on rigorous methodology.

    • We have plenty of articles on this site that lay out the scientific basis for the superior nutrition of raw milk as well as the relative safety of properly produced and handled raw milk from grass-fed animals (which is very safe compared to many other commonly eaten foods). No food is without risk, including pasteurized milk.

      See our Key Documents (http://www.realmilk.com/key-documents/), particularly our basic PowerPoint, for citations.

  32. Does anyone know where I can purchase raw cow milk and fresh eggs close by cotulla texas. I am located 60miles from laredo and 80 miles from san antonio

  33. Is anyone aware of raw milk (cow or goat) in deep east Texas? There are farms everywhere but I cannot find any information in raw milk sellers. We live just outside of Nacogdoches.
    Also, we are in the process of purchasing land and looking into getting milk sheep. Their milk is twice as creamy and contains nearly double the protein and double of some nutrients as cow milk for the same serving size. Used most commonly for making cheeses, yogurts, and ice cream. Does anyone know someone with milk sheep, or a source for more information on this topic?

  34. I am looking for raw goat milk, preferably not grain-fed, near Beaumont, TX. I would prefer not to drive to Houston or too far from this area. Thanks!

  35. The link to the Lindley Organic Farm takes you to a place in New York, not Texas. Can you fix that? Also, I am taking dairy science this semester, and I am looking for a caprine or ovine dairy to intern at for three weeks during this coming summer. Do you know of any farms that will allow me to work for them (for free) to learn the ropes? The class I am taking is for cattle, and I will volunteer at a cattle dairy as well.

    • Nadeem – I’m also in 77062 and looking for raw milk/cheese. Contact me at S2@w3x4.com if you want to chat / compare notes; it may require some travel to get the raw milk and I would be interested in splitting the travel with others (e.g. you pickup one weekend, I pickup another weekend…)

    • Gramen Farms in Tomball (see listing above) is where we get our milk. They have co-ops all over the Houston area, as well.

  36. Buyer beware!! I went to a herd share dairy listed here. The goats looked sick to me. So, I asked if they were vaccinated and/or tested for diseases. The owners said no. I was shocked. Then, I asked if the goats were diseased. The owners said yes, the goats are diseased. They have CL. Again, I was shocked! I left as fast as I could. Make sure you personally inspect the animals at any dairy and ask lots of questions before you buy milk. Do not assume that because a dairy sells milk to the public or is listed here that the milk is disease free and safe to drink. It is best to stick with a State licensed and inspected dairy. The dairy I went to, north of Austin, was not licensed and inspected, because it is a herd share.

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  38. Just moved to Haskell, TX from Oklahoma. Would love to find raw milk from Guernsey grade A2 grass fed cattle. We’re an hour north of Abilene. Can’t seem to find anything. Thanks for any suggestions!

  39. Katie, nope have had no luck but it anyway it looks like we are not moving that way after all. If you need somewhere close to Killeen/Ft. Hood I know of some places. 🙂

  40. Hi, was wondering if anyone could point me to a place that tells me about the Texas state “legal” requirements (if any) for a cow share program? I live east of Dallas about 75 miles and have a mini Jersey cow who will be a first freshener in a couple of weeks. It is just me and my husband and if she produces even the minimum amount of 1 1/2 gal – 2 1/2 gal per day that will be way more than we can use and were hoping for someone to “share” with but want to be legal about it. Any ideas where I should look to find out?

  41. I’m not familiar with Texas geography, I live in west Louisiana close to Jasper. Trying to locate a farm close to Jasper to buy raw cow’s milk, but so far no luck. If anyone knows of any, please let me know! Thanks!

  42. It would be nice if we could just input where we are and get a map of all the places on Google maps. Any chance this would be possible at some point?

    Having to go through all the listings manually and put them in to see if they are close to me is quite a bit of work.

    I don’t have that much geographical knowledge of all the towns in Texas and how close they are so its quite a bit of work.

    I’m in Lewisville, TX if anyone can help me out with this I’d appreciate it Thanks

    • I agree…I’m also in Lewisville. Everything is about an hour away, I’ve found. Argyle, Decatur, Fort Worth, Forestburg, Gainesville are the ones ‘closest’. Why is this so difficult just to buy some real milk!!?

  43. Hi! We are moving from Ft. Hood, TX to Ft. Polk, LA. It seems there are no listings for raw milk in LA. But is not too far from the Texas state line. What is the nearest Texas farm to Ft. Polk?

  44. I just moved to Nacogdoches, and I have had no luck on finding a raw cows milk diary anywhere close without having to drive roughly 3 hours. Thought I found one in Troup, south of Tyler, but the gentleman that answered the phone said he had been out of the business for 3 years.

    Does anyone know of one that is not listed? I sure am craving some.

  45. Pereira Pastures Dairy from Abernathy, TX is now delivering in San Angelo. Check out the group Raw Milk For San Angelo! for details.

    • Gramen Farms in Tomball is much closer, and very good. We’ve been buying milk, eggs (pastured chickens) and meats (grass-fed) from them for nearly 3 years now, and I highly recommend them.

    • this post was made a while ago, but I can start milking my sheep. Am currently milking two cows, so we are a very small operation. I have about 10 ewes that are still feeding young ones, but they are beyond ready to wean. We make cheeses, sour cream, butter. I have wanted to try making some Feta cheese with the sheep milk.

  46. For San Antonio – you might add the City of Seguin as another reference. I think it’s Moo Jesus Farms. You do have it listed separately under Seguin. Seguin is closer to San Antonio than the other two referenced locations. It’s practically in San Antonio! Thanks! Cyn

  47. I just relocated to Houston and looking for places to get organic raw goat milk. Do anybody know places close by Houston? Any help will be appreciated.


    • Depending on where you live in Houston, which is saying a lot, if you drive south on 45 towards Galveston there is Healthyway diary in Santa Fe, which is listed above. I use to go there before moving.

  48. I saw where someone was going to start a listing in or near Weatherford. Can you please tell me if it was ever done ? I would love to be able to purchase some cow milk.

  49. I would like information as the availability of raw goat milk and goat yogurt in the Gonzales, TX area or close by that offers scheduled shipping.

    • I wonder if you found anything. I’m in Corpus Christi also looking for raw milk. If we could go in on a larger order we may be able to get it delivered here or near here. I hope to get a reply from you…

  50. Hey all! Could someone please help me find organic, grass fed raw cow’s milk near Garland/Dallas area? The closest I found on this list is goat milk only.
    Thank you!!

  51. Weatherford/ Parker county???
    Looking for raw suka da mooka;)

    “Carrie” ever respond to anyone?
    Thank you…thirsty in Parker co!

    • Any raw milk farm I have been to is anywhere from 45-60 minutes away from Weatherford! I’m looking forward to seeing one in our area as well. I’ll keep checking. There’s a lot of interest here.

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  53. Hey y’all, I just moved down to the valley of Tx to a town called Port Isabel. Is there anyone familiar with the area that could give me information on finding a farm that I could buy raw milk and possibly organic meats?

  54. I do farm verification and ½ the places listed for the Houston area do not meet the basic standards of WAP, essentially being small scale CAFO operations or resellers with no chain of responsibility.

    • This list is maintained by one person in Virginia. We don’t have the resources to verify the farms. For the most part the information in the listings comes from the farmers themselves (they request to be listed or someone tells us about a farm and we contact them to make sure they want to be listed and get information). We do want to know if consumers find farms that they would not recommend buying from; we do sometimes take farms off or include reader comments.

    • Yes please do share as i have just become interested in raw milk and ive been a little leary. Please do inform us. Im in the houston area.

      • I think this was a hit-and-run poster. No idea what they mean by “farm verification” or “basic standards of WAP (Weston A. Price, presumably).” If you visit the farms yourself, you can do a much better job than some self-styled “farm verification” person. And as for “resellers with no chain of responsibility”, reselling isn’t legal in Texas, so I’m pretty sure there aren’t any farms doing that.

        I can tell you for certain that Gramen Farms in Tomball is NOT a CAFO. They have co-ops all over the Houston area if you don’t want to drive to the farm all the time. No vested interest here, just a satisfied customer for over three years.

  55. Good morning to all! Our family resides in the Greater Fort Hood area and we are looking into buying local raw milk. Moved here from E. Texas and miss farm living and the taste of fresh milk. I see a few dairy/goat farms listed for this area, but they are by appointment only or have waiting list. Does anyone by chance know of any “unlisted” farms in the area that we may walk in and buy from? If so, please feel free to contact us at rapiti79@yahoo.com. Thank you in advance!

    • I believe that dairy requested to be listed under El Paso, perhaps because they are the closest. Google maps shows Lubbock to be 5 hours away. Believe it or not, many people travel that far and farther to get raw milk, often forming driving clubs and taking turns going weekly, every two weeks, or monthly, and freezing some of the milk. You may want to contact them and find out if they deliver to El Paso also, or at least let them know of your interest. Farmers may arrange drop sites in nearby cities when they get enough consumer interest.

  56. Scrolled through and didn’t see any response to the woman asking about delivery to Abilene. However, are there any places near by Abilene that sell raw milk? Moved here from California, so unsure on the places listed who’s the closest.. Not to mention I think my GPS hates me, considering it always gets me lost :/ Thank you in advance for your time! It’s much appreciated <3

  57. Anyone know of a raw milk dairy close to the Louisiana/Texas border? Or even in Alabama, if anyone knows of one there that would be a closer drive. I live in New Orleans, LA where raw milk sales are illegal. I’m looking for raw cow’s milk and willing to drive to get it.

    • I am interested in purebred, Bos Indicus, type of cow. There is a possibly of you having this ancient breed. Thank you, Harideva

    • I am very interested in A2 type milk, having read the book – “Devil in the Milk” and ” The Untold Story of Milk”. I hear very little talk of this here in the U.S. Where do you live and do your cows produce milk to sell or just for your private use? I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area

  58. I live down south of Texas, right in the border in Eagle Pass, TX.

    Does anyone know if there’s anywhere closer than “La Coste” to buy raw milk?

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  61. I just checked with the dairy listed for Victoria, TX (Inez) and they emailed me back saying they don’t sell anymore. I have an email back out to them asking if they know of any other in the area. Waiting for a reply.

  62. I just found myself in Kingsville! Is there milk down here?? We just moved from Amish NY and lost our organic milk farm! 🙁

  63. I just moved to Laredo, TX and it seems like San Antonio is the closest place to get raw milk. Does anyone know of anyplace closer? Thanks!

  64. I live in Conroe and need to purchase duck eggs…allergic to chicken and chicken eggs…does anyone sell these locally?

    • Sometimes there is a sign saying that they have duck and chicken eggs for sale on Calvary Road, Willis, TX. It is either at the Sign Shack or next to it. The sign isn’t there at the moment though.

      • This site is for raw milk in particular, but if the eggs for sale are pastured, that’s great. If the farm sells raw milk, encourage them to contact us to be listed.

  65. Thank you so much for compiling this list!!!! What a great resource this site is!!! While at the TX Lege this past spring I told as many people as I could about the raw milk bill; hope it passes in ’15.

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  67. I’m from the Granbury area and while there are several raw milk dairies in our area, I’m looking for a farm that does Cow Shares. Anyone know of one in this area?

  68. Is there any raw milk to be found in Deep South Texas. I live in
    Brownsville Tx. And don’t see anything even close to me. I would apreciate a reply. Thanks.Jutta

      • I wonder if you found anything. I’m in Corpus Christi also looking for raw milk. If we could go in on a larger order we may be able to get it delivered here or near here. LMK if you found something…

      • I wonder if you found anything. I’m in Corpus Christi also looking for raw milk. If we could go in on a larger order we may be able to get it delivered here or near here. I hope to get a reply from you…

  69. I am looking for sheep’s milk. Does anyone know of one in the state? I cant find out outside of Vermont/Wisconsin. I am in Houston.

  70. I live just north of Frisco, TX (in Prosper, TX) and I’m looking for a Raw Milk (Cows) from a source close to me? Anyone have a suggestion?

    I would also like to find Free-Range beef?

    • I’m also interested in finding milk in or near Frisco/Prosper since we’ll likely be moving there in the next few months or so. Right now I’m apart of a co-op that is fairly convenient to where I live but once we move up there it will be too far I think (Raw Milk North Dallas). I know about Lucky Layla also but they’re not that close either.

      • Hello Rachael (and anyone else reading this response),

        I work in partnership with a grocery delivery service that caters to Dallas and surrounding suburbs. For obvious reason I wont post their link here. Anyways, if you can find about 5 to 10 other raw milk households in the Frisco area then I can arrange to have them deliver raw milk to your doorstep (or to a centrally located local pick-up spot of your choosing) on a weekly basis in addition to grass fed beef, fresh produce and other grocery items. Just respond to this message and I’ll email you the details. Thanks.

        • CL,
          I live in South Grand Prairie. I would like the information about the delivery of raw milk, grass fed beef, and produce.

          • Vika for some reason I am just now getting this message today (1/23/16) which is a full month later. There’s something wrong with this email system. Anyways, yes there is delivery to Lewisville. Please leave an email address and I will reach out to you outside of this online forum. Thanks

          • Thanks for responding because I couldnt understand what was going on. I routinely don’t get a reply to my posts until days after it was originally posted. This particular one was the longest it took to get a new message but now I see that you have to get to the messages first and approve them.

          • Amanda,

            I can help you with this. Please leave an email address and I will get back to you asap. Thanks

        • Rachael: I live in Frisco and would like to buy raw milk. I am assuming there must be four more families from frisco by now. Please let me know either ways.


        • High CL I live in Rowlett and would love some raw milk goat or cow. I was raised in Germany on a Farm with raw milk. Now I don’t drink milk anymore it just doesn’t taste right if it is not raw. Can you direct me to something closer. Thank You here is my e-mail. fmanor@Hotmail.com

      • Anyone searching in DFW for raw milk, grass-fed meat, local organic produce, etc. — Feel free to text me or call and leave a message at 512.537.4250. The ROCK Collective (google “Rockin’ Our Community”) has drop points every 2 weeks all over DFW, and this organization is amazing!! Ordering is done straight though their website, and there is a store front in Hurst.

        • Do they have more than one website because I went to rockinourcommunity.com after googling it as you said, then tried to send them a message and a response came back saying it was a wrong address from some WordPress Theme company. If you know the correct email and have a different website for them, please let me know. Thanks!

    • Hello Melanie (and anyone else reading this response),

      I work in partnership with a grocery delivery service that caters to Dallas and surrounding suburbs. For obvious reason I wont post their link here. Anyways, if you can find about 5 to 10 other raw milk households in the Frisco area then I can arrange to have them deliver raw milk to your doorstep (or to a centrally located local pick-up spot of your choosing) on a weekly basis in addition to grass fed beef, fresh produce and other grocery items. Just respond to this message and I’ll email you the details. Thanks.

  71. It would be really great if one could search this site by entering a zipcode and having the results pop up in order of proximity?

  72. Looking for raw cows milk also, nothing but goat milk in Bryan college station area, I am between Madisonville & Navasota,

    • There’s a great place in Cameron that has cow’s milk – Sand Creek Farm. They have some other things for sale too. It’s where we went when we lived in BCS.

      • Sand Creek Farm stopped selling Raw milk as of this year 🙁 I’m moving to College station and have been unable to find anyone who sells raw cows milk. If anyone has any leads, please share!

  73. I’m looking for a raw cow milk farm. I can’t stand the taste of goat milk so I’m hoping there is cow farms somewhere. I might be moving to Johnson City and it looks like nothing is out there. Anyone know where I could go?

    • If you are getting goat milk with a taste any different from cows milk, you are not getting the good stuff! Try Nubian milk or just from another farm often it is just not cooled properly. The only difference is it may be slightly sweeter

      • I’ve never tasted any goat milk that didn’t have a very strong ‘twang’. I so wish I could try some that didn’t to see if I can handle it better. I’ve heard it’s easier on our digestive systems than cows’. I’ve also heard pygmy got milk tastes good and has a higher fat content which I would like. How should the goat milk be cooled to prevent the bad taste? I absolutely love the taste the 100% grass fed real cow milk that I’ve drank.

    • That’s where I’m looking too. Looks like from the list that the places in Greenville and Kemp are the closest to Garland. Winnsboro and Big Sandy might be within your range as well. There’s another place I ran across in Plano, off Parker road. They aren’t listed here, but just try googling raw milk Plano. I’m looking for more than just milk so I probably won’t be buying from them, but that might be a good option for you.

    • We are in the process of getting our heardshare program set up and after we do we will have a drop point in Garland. We are located near Farmersville. I will post here again when we are ready.

    • Please have that buckling wethered first!! Are you wanting to breed? Because that is what will happen! You will not really be able to keep them as companions. However, a wether (neutered buck) makes a great companion for a doe! Plus, they make terrific pets — they never get aggressive and they never stink to high heavens like a buck does in rut.

  74. Hi. I live in Charlotte, TX which is about one hour south of San Antonio, TX. It seems that the closest place I can buy raw dairy milk is in La Costa at Miller Farms. Do you know of any place closer to me?

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  76. Wondering why [redacted] Farms between Stephenville and Dublin, TX is not listed here. I’ve bought Grade A Raw milk and incredible raw cheeses from them. They’re involved with the Weston Price Foundation.

    • Hi, we have on our site only those farms we have heard about, usually directly from the farmer. If a customer tells us about a source, I contact the farmer to see if they want their farm listed. Some farms do not want the attention that comes with being listed here. Sometimes they’re listed and get so much business they have their listing removed because they can’t meet the demand, don’t need new customers, and don’t have time to field all the calls and emails. Other times, they have been harassed by state authorities and feel exposed. Some may simply prefer to operate via word of mouth.

  77. I am going to be visiting the San Antonio area and would love to find a source of raw milk while I’m there. Any ideas for a place that isn’t too far from the city? Thank you so much!

    • Helen, hope you have found some raw milk BUT just in case you haven’t. I have been buying from Miller Farms for years now. Eddie Miller has a pay/pickup on Saturdays just off I-35 at the Eisenhower exit. right hand exit coming from the city-side, stay on the access road until you see the awnings for the farm stands. Eddie has his own refrigerator truck right there with those folks. Good luck. Its yummy stuff. I’ve been to the farm in LaCoste & raised on a dairy farm myself so I know it when I see it….& taste it. You’ll like this.

  78. Rebecca,
    Dyer Dairy in Georgetown is about 40 minutes away and well worth the drive. You need to call because they put you on a list to pick up either weekly, bi-weekly or whatever your needs are. We loved their milk when we were in central Texas.

  79. Hi, I live in Fredericksburg, Tx. 20 miles from Llano, 40 from Mason, 22 mi. from Kerrville and 15 mi. from Comfort, Tx. We have LOTS of goats in this country but I’d love to have raw cows milk and butter. I have never had goats milk and not sure that it would taste the same as ‘cow’s’….Harper, Tx. is also close to me. Please let me know if there is a dairy (cow) operation nearby.
    Thank You ! Nancy Battle

    • Hi Nancy! I live in the Hill Country as well, not far from Fredericksburg. The only place I know of to get raw milk is in Bandera, from [redacted]. Hope this helps!

      • Thanks for your suggestion to help another reader. We only post farms, clubs, and drop points who’ve requested to be listed because this site gets a lot of attention, more than some farmers care for (whether it’s harassment by state officials, or simply overwhelming demand from customers). Please encourage the location to submit a listing and we’ll include them!

      • Hi Caren, could you use the link at the top of the page “How to Add, Update, or Remove a Listing” and follow the instructions to send me an email with all the typical information found in a listing? I would be glad to put you on the page.

    • There is a weekly Miller raw milk drop in Fair Oaks, Boerne area. That is about 40 minutes from Fredericksburg. His site is listed above as La Coste: Miller Farms. You could maybe arrange to go there once or twice a month.

    • Mason, Cole’s Creamery, Glenn and Caren Rueffer, 2065 Ranch Rd. 1723, Mason TX 76856 (1/4 mile from town), phone: 325-347-7261, web: ColesCreamery.com. Grass-fed Grade A raw, full cream Jersey milk

  80. Hi, is there any way to see all these farm locations on a map? I’m not from this area (Copperas Cove, TX) and there are so many small towns around here but I just don’t know all the names of them. It would be so helpful to be able to see visually if there’s anything nearby instead of trying to mapquest numerous possibilities. Thank you!

    • McGregor and Lorena may be your closest then Waco.
      and if you want to try the Crator’s healing oils, lmk. also can get you a cheaper electric rate.I am still fuming about how much txu was charging us!

    • Dublin might be not to far either. Try looking for phone numbers that start with 254 (those will keep you within an hour range) and 512. The farm listed under Austin/Georgetown/Leander that is actually in Florence is the closest but only has goat milk. Hope this helps!

      • Velhhuizen Dairy near Dublin is a must visit! I will NEVER buy milk from a store again; and the raw milk cheese (several to choose from) is a treat like none other. I make a weekly trip to the farm for my dairy necessities.

    • It isn’t listed, but [redacted] in Belton is where we get our milk. We live in Killeen. You can find the farm on Facebook. [redacted] always has a HUGE amount of milk, is a great guy and we are so sad to have to move away.

        • I forgot to request notification of follow up or response. 🙁 Please respond to this one with the name of the redacted farm or another one in the Killeen area.

      • I was wondering which farm you were talking about since the.name was ”redacted”. I live in Killeen and am trying to find a farm that sells grass fed cows milk and butter. Also joint bones for stock. I’m trying to heal my teeth using a healthy diet.


      • Looking for raw goat & cow milk closest to Corpus Christi, Texas! If anyone knows any farms that are nearby (willing to travel) please let me know!:)

          • am south of Beeville and I understand some Amish in Beeville sell raw milk in town and have a little store that sells raw cheese, etc.

        • Renee, I’m in Corpus also. Did you find anyone? Maybe we can order together for a bigger order and get a close delivery? I’ve been trying to contact Stryk Jersey Farms in Schulenburg. Had some of their milk (raw) this weekend and it was, in a word, fabulous! To no avail…no one answers at all. LMK what you think or if you found someone!

        • Renee,
          Miller Dairy Farm, located 30 min. drive west of San Antonio, delivers milk to Corpus Christi every other Friday in the parking lot at Bay Shore Church on Rodd Field Road. They will be there this Friday-May 6, 2016 at 11;00 am. They usually have extra, but if not you can get on the list for as many gallons as you want for the next time, A gallon costs $8.00.

          • Thank you for this post. I am moving to Brownsville (from MA)and I think this is the closest yet. If anyone knows of raw cows milk near Brownsville, Please advise, Thanks and many blessings

          • Thank you. I’m in Corpus as well. This is a late reply, but I’ll research these options and hope they are still available.

    • There is a place in temple I can give you the info 254-449-4229
      ask for Priscilla…please call after 10am thanks hope this will help. 🙂

    • Hi Rebecca – I grew up in Cove. You are pretty close (within 1.5 hr) to Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, Temple, Cameron, etc.. I don’t always know the cities either if it’s not near me…. I usually just drop the city into googlemaps.com to see where it is. Seems there are a lot of choices near Dallas but that’s too far for us. We’ve been using Sand Creek Farms (in this list) in Cameron for about a year. Been very happy but are also looking for somewhere closer and thinking of trying the one in Georgetown – Dyer Dairy. Good luck finding a source for your dairy. We are so glad to have gone to raw dairy but finding a good source is not easy. 🙂

    • Go to Texas Highway Department which are all over Date of Texas and you can look them up. Belton is not so far from Copperas Cove. Highway Department has free Texas maps. Always have one in my car.

  81. I clicked on the website for the farm listed in Tomball, Texas, and it took me to a site in Pennsylvania:

    Tomball (North of Houston): Theesfeld’s Nubian Dairy Goats -Stephan & Lynn Theesfeld. Offering raw goats milk and goats milk soaps. Visit their website at theesfelds.webs.com . (281)-787-2941 Or E-mail at theesfelds_nubians@yahoo.com .

    Please tell me if there is a farm in Tomball, Texas, and if so, the website.

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