How Raw Camel Milk Helped Her Daughters

In Kuwait, raw camel milk is commonly known to be a medicinal remedy for children who don’t speak. In the US, one stay-at-home mom discusses how it helped treat her daughters’ chronic health problems.

Lauren, whose name has been changed due to the controversy surrounding raw milk, is the mother of two girls. The older daughter has severe allergies to an array of food, seasonal and chemical irritants. The younger daughter had autism spectrum disorder (her diagnosis was cleared following her consumption of raw camel milk).

Lauren originally learned about raw camel milk in her research of natural remedies for treating autism spectrum disorder. She found a camel farmer in her area and went to meet with him to discuss the product and check out the farm to ensure it had safe handling practices. She brought home a small amount and began giving it to her younger daughter medicinally, in small doses. Within weeks, Lauren began to notice that her daughter had begun talking more, making more direct eye contact, and socializing with other children.
Shortly thereafter, Lauren’s older daughter experienced a severe outbreak of hives. Remembering that camel milk was also mentioned as a natural remedy for allergies, Lauren gave her older daughter a glass to drink – and the hives cleared up within 20 minutes.

Now, Lauren keeps raw camel milk in her freezer to have on hand when one of her daughters requires it. She credits the raw milk with helping to heal her children’s autism and allergies and, although worried about the possible legal ramifications of buying the milk says that, first and foremost, her job is to be a good mom and care for her daughters – and this is what helped them.

The Campaign for Real Milk is a project of the nutrition education non-profit, The Weston A. Price Foundation.


30 thoughts on “How Raw Camel Milk Helped Her Daughters

  1. My child is suffering from autism n taking camel milk but need few clarity.
    Can we give cow Ghee or bufallow Ghee
    Can we give wheat or rice

  2. Hi…my daughter is 4years old recently we discovered she has ASD.before we thought she is just speech delayed and she used to repeat whatever we say even questions.Than her therapist told us that she has echolallia kind of ASD and start giving her camel milk…….. omg I live in Oman and here its bit difficult than I found it in one shop al fair it comes only on Thursday afternoon from al ain dubai and finishes very same day till evening so I used to wait in parking till the fresh milk arrives and I noticed their is so much improvement in her speech …plain milk she doesn’t like I am adding a tsp of nesquick in it as she doesn’t like cold milk I have to warm a bit I am giving 300ml everyday.

  3. My son is 8 years old ,he is suffering from Fragile X. Camel milk is beneficial for him. He is milf hyperactive, anxiety etc. Please suggest. I am getting the camel milk. Can i give him after boiling or only raw milk .

  4. Hi,
    My son is nearly 5, no speech yet, under the spectrum.
    wasn’t aware of Camel milk benefit. We are based in Sydney Australia. Where can I buy raw camel milk please?
    Thank you.

  5. Hi I am a grandmother who has temporary custody of my 17 year old grandson who has Asperger’s ADHD conduct disorder severe anxiety and he wants to get better please tell me where I can order the Camel’s milk I live in Naperville Illinois near Chicago please let me know because he really wants to get better he’s very upset that he had to have this disease upset about his life thank you Ellen

  6. Hi
    I have an 8yr old son who is autistic.We live in United States,till now I didn’t come to know about benefits of camel milk. Itz in my refrigerator since three days can I give it to my son now. I came to know that camel milk should be given either fresh or frozen. Please let me know is it okay to give him now.

  7. Hi I have 2 autistic kids wondering if camel milk powder will help thru both don’t talk yet we live in Texas no access to ready raw camel milk please do reply to my email u tried everything after I read your blog have hope thanks god bless you

  8. Hi
    My son had cochlear implant 7 months back.Now he is almost 3 years.
    Recently psychiatris says he is on the line of ASD..How to start camel milk if it really works…any other thing to alter his diet?Like GFCR?Give suggestions.

  9. I ve started hoping agn to read ur son is4 n half years old n he is suffering frm svere autisum,adhd n delayed speech…plz can u tell me the exact dose of camel milk?n can i put horlicks in milk b4 giving him?coz he doesn’t drink without it. N can u tell me frm whr i can gt raw camel milk?m also staying in kwt…plz plz help me n rep me

    • Toobawassim –

      You are in my thoughts. As camel’s milk is a natural food and not usually thought of as doses I would give however much a child will take. Start small and see how it goes. We gave about 4 ounces twice a day. We didn’t add anything but friends did for their kids and I think that is fine.

      From my friend who lived in Kuwait… “Yes they’re now selling camel’s milk in some grocery stores, which is pretty recent. I think Sultan Center sells it and I believe another store called, “Arth altabi3a” sells it too. That’s the arabic name. Not sure what it’s called in English. I’m pretty sure that Sultan center in Sha’ab sells camel’s milk. If not, she can ask them and they may be able to direct her.”

      Best of luck. Your child is blessed to have you.

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