Tough Workout? Grab a Glass of Jersey Cow Milk

A recent study by the University of Maryland indicates that Jersey and Guernsey cow milk might be better for athletes’ post-workout recovery than products that are marketed as sports drinks.

Specifically, this study looked at how the chocolate milk product Fifth Quarter Fresh helps athletes recover. Fifth Quarter Fresh is made with Jersey and Guernsey cow milk and “outperformed commercial sports drinks by 13 to 17 percent” (Modern Farmer). This could indicate that Jersey and Guernsey cow milks are superior to Holstein milk for sports recovery, when compared to a 2006 study by the University of Indiana that used Holstein milk and showed it has a comparable performance to Gatorade.

Though this study only looked at the product Fifth Quarter Fresh and therefore cannot offer concrete conclusions about Jersey and Guernsey cow milk in general, the findings may have to do with Jersey and Guernsey milk’s higher protein count and lower pasteurization temperature which helps to preserve the integrity of the proteins.

Modern Farmer points out that this study has a very small sample size (13 men) and “was funded by the Maryland Industrial Partnerships (MIPS) program, which funds commercial product development projects like the Maryland startup that makes Fifth Quarter Fresh, and teams them up with University of Maryland faculty. This doesn’t mean the study is bogus, but it’s always good to know who is funding studies and what potential biases may be involved.”

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2 thoughts on “Tough Workout? Grab a Glass of Jersey Cow Milk

  1. That’s because Jersey milk has more energy in it compared to Holstein. Jerseys and Guernseys produce a standard lactose molecule that takes a fixed amount of metabolic energy to create. Holsteins produce a lower-energy version of the lactose molecule that requires less metabolic product to produce. That is why Holsteins make more milk, because the lactose molecule is lower energy, so they dispose of the excess metabolic product by producing more milk. It makes sense then that Jersey lactose can energize athletes better than Holstein lactose.

  2. I recently heard from a friend that sheep milk is excellent to consume before a work-out because:
    Sheep are hard to milk, thus when they are milked their adrenaline is elevated. This adrenaline then passes into the milk, so consuming it gives a “boost” to your workout.
    Can anyone confirm any of this? Thanks!

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