Washington Times Op-Ed: Congress Steps in to Call Off the War on Unpasteurized Milk

An editorial published in The Washington Times paints a vivid picture of the legal disputes between raw milk sellers and public health officials, describing it as a “war on unpasteurized milk” in which several members of Congress have finally and rightfully decided to intervene.

The author portrays authorities as “food police” and describes undercover agents trying to entrap Amish farmers and SWAT teams raiding health food markets in attempts to crack down on the sales of raw milk. The author praises Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) and Representative Chellie Pingree (D-ME) for introducing two food freedom bills that would end federal persecution of those selling and buying raw milk and raw milk products.

“It’s a sure sign that the government is too big and has too much to do that it expends so much effort to spill raw milk,” writes the author. “The public is perfectly capable of deciding whether to drink milk raw or cooked. The SWAT teams should look for evildoers elsewhere.”

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2 thoughts on “Washington Times Op-Ed: Congress Steps in to Call Off the War on Unpasteurized Milk

  1. I’ve been drinking raw milk for 60 years. If I want to buy it,sell it I will so don’t fuck with me or anybody I sell it to or buy it from. Unless you want a early retirement.

  2. Raw milk is fixing to be sold by farmers in Louisisna with or without state law to do so. We are tired of to much gov overreach. Swat teams won’t be tollerated. This is not Harry the idiot Reid communist territory. We will fight. We are law abiding, but the tyrany has got to go. That’s it Gov Jindal. We won’t take it anymore. Either approve it or fight. Send your swat team. They will go back to Batonrouge with their tails tucked. No more.

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