Raw Milk Taste Test: Does Raw Milk Really Taste Better Than Pasteurized Milk?

Many raw milk drinkers rave about the quality of it, praising its creamy texture and fresh taste. One curious Indiana man decided he would see what all the hype is about – by challenging a local dairyman to a blind taste comparing commercial milk and raw milk in a raw milk taste test.

By his own admission, he wondered how much conditioning (that he wasn’t used to raw milk) would hurt his impression of raw milk. He found that, in his personal opinion, he could not tell much of a difference in taste between pasteurized and unpasteurized milk. He could tell a difference in texture – but found raw milk to be thinner, not creamier, than the commercial milk.

So it seems that everyone has different opinions on the taste and texture of the two, and “…the best case for raw milk, then, may be rooted in the idea of consumer choice.”

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