Raw Milk Victory in Foxborough, MA

Sales of raw milk will continue in Foxborough, Massachusetts after the town’s Board of Health rejected proposed regulations that would ban the food.

The Foxborough Board of Health was considering new regulations that would limit the bacteria count of raw milk to a more stringent level than current state regulation, which, as a result, threatened to put one local farm out of business. More than 200 customers, community members and raw milk advocates flooded the public hearing to show their support for the farm and fight against the proposed changes.

Following the 2-1 vote, board member Paul Mullins said, “Sometimes too much government isn’t a good thing…there was nothing seriously egregious that said we needed to further restrict [state regulations].”

“We’re just really grateful that they didn’t put us out of business, which they could have done if the vote had gone the other way,” said Terri Lawton, a former state dairy inspector and owner of Lawton’s Family Farm. “We’re really relieved. We have a very small, very old family farm, and it’s really important to all of us that it continues going.”

Lawton’s Family Farm has been in operation for 281 years and, for the time being, is safe to continue providing community members with fresh, wholesome raw milk.

Read the full article in The Boston Globe here.

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