Is the Decline in Raw Milk Enforcement a Change of Heart or Change of Tactic?

David Gumpert, author of The Complete Patient blog, points out that there seems to have been less crackdown on raw milk farmers lately, but speculates that this due to a change in tactics rather than a change of heart.

Gumpert believes that “…regulators and their corporate overseers came to the conclusion that going after small farms with buying clubs and herdshares wasn’t good public relations…in fact, it was disastrous public relations. What this means is that we haven’t seen the end of pressure on small farms, simply a change in tactics.”

One such change in tactics, he guesses, is that the US Food and Drug Administration will ramp back up enforcement under the guise of the Food Safety Modernization Act. There will likely be other additional changes in strategy so while small farmers can seemingly take a breath for now, he writes, “we wait for the other shoe to drop.”

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