Raw Milk Consumers React Surprisingly to Georgia Bill That Would Allow Sales of Raw Milk in Grocery Stores

Proposed Atlanta legislation might allow raw milk to be sold in grocery stores and, though one might think this would be beneficial for local dairy farmers and consumers alike, some residents have expressed concerns that the move “…will force regulations on farmers and compromise the relationships they have with customers.”

Georgia law currently bans the sale of unprocessed milk except for pet consumption yet there are residents who purchase raw milk directly from local farmers, often driving more than half an hour and paying $7-8 per gallon to get it. Some of these consumers say that they intentionally “…bypass grocery stores and buy milk directly from farmers because they like knowing where the milk they’re drinking comes from and that the product is pure.”

These customers are worried that, once allowed in grocery stores, government regulation will change the quality of the products because, as one speculates, “Regulation is always tilted toward big agriculture, not small farms.”

One consumer says that while it would be nice if raw milk was more widely available, she doesn’t want to compromise what is already available to her. And at least one farmer agrees: Daniel Seedorf says, “I do not want to have faceless transactions. Every single one of my customers come here to my farm and meet me face-to-face. The best food is not convenient. It’s a lot of effort, a lot of work, but incredibly rewarding to grow food like this.”

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