Raw Milk Gains Legislative Support in Maine

Raw milk advocates in Maine began 2015 optimistic about getting several food freedom passed by the Maine legislature, three of which would legalize the sales of raw milk in some form.

They have reason to remain optimistic, as in early March some officials from the Maine Department of Agriculture said they support easing licensing requirements for some dairy farmers who sell raw milk directly to consumers.

The Maine State Legislature is considering two bills that would do just that. LD 229 would allow dairy farms producing less than 20 gallons of raw milk per day to sell it at their farm or farmers market without state licensing or inspections. LD 312 would exempt farms from state licensing or inspections only if the raw milk is sold directly to consumers at the farm, though farmers would need to pass a dairy sanitation course and would not be able to advertise raw milk.

Read more about who testified in support of which bill, and how each bill would affect Maine dairy farmers via the Portland Press Herald.

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