Raw Milk Farmer Success Story Shows There is a Market for $24 Gallons

One Oregon dairy farmer’s raw milk is in such high demand that she is able to sell it for $24 per gallon and has a waiting list of eager customers.

Her success can likely be attributed to her commitment to produce high-quality raw milk and other farm-fresh products (and being within a 30 minute drive of Portland probably doesn’t hurt, either).

On David Gumpert’s blog, The Complete Patient, he writes that “…she is a great illustration of how working diligently and publicly for safe raw milk can be a big business booster. [She] pushed hard to become the first certified dairy member of the Raw Milk Institute (RAWMI) in 2012, and is also on its board…She is limited in her production by Oregon’s three-cow limit on raw dairies, or she would likely be serving many more than the 100 regular customers she currently has.”

At a time when there are all too many sad stories about small farms being targeted by health officials or put out of business by Big Dairy, this success story is uplifting and inspiring. Read more about what she’s doing to encourage other farmers on The Complete Patient.

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