Texas House Passes Raw Milk Bill

Texas House Bill 91, a raw milk bill which would legalize the sales of raw milk in the state, has moved quickly since being approved by the House Public Health Committee on April 21, 2015. On Friday, May 8th the Texas House of Representatives approved the bill by a large majority of 103-36 vote. It now remains to be seen if the Senate will approve this bill before adjourning on June 1, 2015.

State Rep. Dan Flynn has introduced this bill in each of the 3 past legislative sessions, getting it a little farther in the legislative process each time. Flynn calls HB 91 a “free enterprise bill,” as it will empower dairy farmers to increase revenues by meeting consumer demand.

This bill faces heavy opposition in the Senate from the Texas Association of City and County Health Officials, Texas Pediatrics Society, Texas Environmental Health Association and Select Milk Producers. However, it has the support of the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance, which has turned out members in support of the bill each time it has been introduced.

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