National Farmers Union Endorsement a Huge Win for Raw Milk Advocates

In March 2013, the National Farmers Union, which represents farmers and ranchers in all states, adopted pro-raw milk policies at its 111th Annual Convention.

Delegates from California, Pennsylvania and other northeastern states called for access to raw milk for all consumers, the end to the ban on the interstate sale of raw milk, and for responsible production standards for raw milk producers – including single source production to assure that consumers know the farm and handling practices from where they buy their raw milk. During their deliberations, convention delegates heard consumer testimonials and scientific research behind raw milk consumption. They discussed the economic success of the emerging raw milk market and whether the health benefits outweighed the health risks.

By the end of the conference, the NFU had decided to move ahead with pro-raw milk policies, which is a huge step for consumers and dairy farmers alike. The sale of raw milk is still outlawed in several states, despite high consumer demand and prosperous sales from local farms in other states that are able to supply it.

Listen to an in-depth podcast about what the NFU’s decision means for the future of raw milk, how delegate Mark McAfee successfully helped to convince the NFU to endorse raw milk, and what the American Farm Bureau’s stance on raw milk is, here:

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