April 16, 2017

Maryland: Threat To Raw Pet Milk Dies

By Pete Kennedy, Esq. A threat to Maryland producers of raw pet milk quietly went away on November 28 when the state Secretary of Agriculture Joseph […]
March 17, 2016

Raw Pet Milk Sales Legal in Maryland

By Pete Kennedy, Esq. Raw pet milk sales are now legal in Maryland, one of the most anti-raw milk states in the U.S. A grass-based dairy, […]
February 15, 2016

Cow Share Legislation Pending in Maryland

Will the Farmers Get Their Chance at Raw Milk Through a Maryland Cow Share Program? The legislature is now considering whether to legalize raw milk through […]
November 23, 2015

Maryland Raw Milk Sales Now Legal – For Pets

Although people living in Maryland still cannot legally obtain raw milk for consumption, their pets can. The Maryland Department of Agriculture has granted dairy farm P.A. […]
December 11, 2014

Economic Loss to Maryland from Prohibition of Raw Milk Sales

Economic Loss to Maryland from Prohibition of Raw Milk Sales Population of Maryland 5,700,000 Percentage of raw milk drinkers in Maryland = 3% according to 2007 […]
April 7, 2014

Maryland’s Proposal to Legalize Raw Milk Sales Delayed to 2015

The Maryland bill that would legalize raw milk sales through cow share agreements has been delayed now that the bill’s chief sponsor, Del. James Hubbard, has […]
January 27, 2014

Hearing for Maryland Cow Boarding Bill Scheduled for January 28, 2014

On Tuesday, January 28, 2014, there will be a public hearing on bill HB 3 “Raw Milk/Consumer-Owned Livestock,” which would reintroduce Maryland citizens’ right to engage […]