Raw Milk Makes Rich Soil Fertilizer

Raw milk producers in states that ban sales can use excess quantities of raw milk as a soil additive to create rich fertilizer for their land.

One farmer in Vermont experimented over the past year with fertilizing his pastures with raw milk and was so impressed with the results that he raved about his experience in an article on Mother Earth News.

He noted that his cows, that wouldn’t graze on pastures recently spread with manure, had no objection to grazing on pastures recently sprayed with raw milk. At first he didn’t notice a difference in his pastures but within several months his pastures were more lush and healthier with a higher percentage of white clover and fewer weeds.

“Surplus milk and milky rinse water should be viewed as a resource rather than a waste product on the dairy arm,” he writes. Read more about his experience The Benefits of Using Raw Milk as a Natural Soil Supplement or Fertilizer.

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