D.C. Foodies Deprived of Delicious Raw Milk Cheeses

In the United States, any “raw” milk cheeses sold must be aged for 60 days (with heavier restrictions on other soft cheeses, like brie), according to requirements by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA). A recent DCist article interviews cheese connoisseurs and other foodies in the Washington D.C. area about why they prefer raw milk cheeses.

Amy Gomez, regional specialty coordinator for Whole Foods who oversees the mid-Atlantic region’s cheese program, says that raw milk cheeses often have a “more well rounded flavor profile, more complex” – as the live cultures found in raw milk cheeses can deepen the flavor.

Mike Bowers, owner of Bowers Fancy Dairy Products in Washington D.C.’s trendy Eastern Market, points out that the FDA’s restrictions is preventing American consumers from experiencing “a lot of really great European cheese.”

Thankfully, the article notes, there are a few sources where avid foodies can get the favored products including a small buying club, Grassfed on The Hill and, outside the district, P.A. Bowen Farmstead.

Read more via DCist.

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