Cheese of Choice Coalition Fighting to Protect Raw Milk Cheese Again

In 2010, Oldways Preservation and Trust joined forces with the American Cheese Society, the Cheese Importers Association of America and Whole Foods to create the Cheese of Choice Coalition in order to fight against the FDA as it considered changing the 60-day aging rule for raw milk cheese.

In August, the FDA began to again reexamine cheese guidelines, including the aging of cheese on wooden boards and allowances for nontoxigenic E. coli that have barred the import of Roquefort, Morbier, Tomme de Savoie and St. Nectaire until producers can meet the new, stricter standard.

In response, the Cheese of Choice Coalition has come together again to launch a website that aims to be a comprehensive, educational resource about cheese, including information on regulations and a cheese database for retailers and consumers.

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