Raw Milk Producers Experiencing Difficulties Obtaining Liability Insurance

Many raw milk producers in states including Wisconsin, Washington, and Missouri are experiencing difficulties obtaining liability insurance from their insurers.

According to Food Safety News, in 2012, “…the Farm Bureau-owned Rural Mutual Insurance Co. sent out notices about all Wisconsin farm policies it covers specifically advising policy holders that their coverage does not provide for ‘the sale and/or distribution for offsite consumption of unpasteurized (commonly called raw) milk from cows, sheep and goats for human consumption.”

“Because of the press that raw milk gets, it is definitely on the radar of insurance companies, and I have heard some carriers are not willing to provide coverage for those selling it,” explains Tami Griffin, deputy national director for Aon’s Food Systems, Agribusiness & Beverage Group.

As a result, some raw milk producers are being forced to look for other insurance companies or consider leasing their animals. See After $75K Investment Raw Milk Dairy Unable to Get Insurance.

“Such is the life of farming,” the Seattle Times quotes the Seattle-area producer as saying. “You never know whether it’s going to be Mother Nature or some new regulation…it’s a very risky business.”

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