Should British Columbia Model Raw Milk Regulations on California?

Mark McAffee, a California raw milk entrepreneur and the CEO of the Raw Milk Institute, toured British Columbia last month for speaking engagements and on-farm training sessions in raw milk safety. During his trip, McAffee implied that British Columbia could cut the expensive legal disputes stemming from the distribution of raw milk by taking a cue from California and adjusting its raw milk regulations.

“In California, raw milk is 100% legal, but it is highly regulated with a different set of standards from pasteurized milk,” explains McAffee. In British Columbia, the government could declassify raw milk as a health hazard by grouping it in with other foods that carry no more risk but are less regulated, like oysters.

Listen to McAffee’s full interview with the Green Man Podcast: BC Takes a Lesson in Raw Milk Production From California.

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