December 31, 2007

Raw Milk for the Navy?

By Clint DesJarlais I am writing in regards to your action to legalize raw milk sales and distribution in Maryland. I am a recent graduate of […]
May 23, 2004

Ultrapasteurized Milk

By Linda Joyce Forristal Today, an increasing amount of milk found in conventional grocery stores–including most organic milk–is ultrapasteurized. The official U.S. government definition of an […]
February 1, 2001

Soy Meal for Cows

By Trauger Groh, Biodynamic Farmer, Author and Lecturer I have followed for many years the sickening effect of soy on ruminants. Cows that formerly could easily […]
January 1, 2000

More About Raw Milk

By Sally Fallon Morell and Mary G. Enig, PhD Excerpt from Nourishing Traditions, 1999 We have been taught that pasteurization is a good thing, a method […]